Watch This Pit Bull's Reaction When He Meets A Tiny Stray Kitten

If you believe the rumors, you probably think pit bulls are all vicious, dangerous animals that would rip you apart if you so much as made the wrong move. Real dog lovers know that couldn’t be further from the truth. While some are the victims of poor treatment, the majority of pitties have the capacity to be as gentle and loving as any other dog.

For proof of this, look no further than what happened to a day-old kitten recently. When the little animal came face-to-face with a giant pit bull named Rufus, it seemed as if the “ferocious” pup would become territorial and aggressive. Then, Rufus did something completely unexpected…

Sadly, years of misinformation and exaggeration have given rise to the idea that pit bulls are somehow more dangerous than other dogs. The idea that their jaws “lock” when biting, for example, is a total myth.

Worse yet, there have been widespread attempts towards breed-specific legislation aimed against pit bulls. This makes them illegal to own in some areas, even though such laws have not been proven to prevent dog attacks.

But all of this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pit bulls were actually once considered “nanny dogs,” because they were great at taking care of children. That’s where the idea for Pete in The Little Rascals came from!

Pit bulls have also been known to be effective therapy dogs who are able to sympathize with people like few other animals can. That ended up being very good news for one little creature in particular.

It all started when a man in Eilat, Israel, heard cries of distress coming from outside his home and decided to investigate. He searched for 20 minutes with no luck, until finally, he spotted it…

The cries were coming from a tiny kitten! After discovering the helpless animal, the man stuck around for a half hour hoping its mother would return. Unfortunately, she never appeared.

The helpless kitten wasn’t likely to survive on his own without someone to provide for his basic needs, and the man knew he was the little guy’s last chance to live. He had to bring him home, but there was just one big problem…

The man owned a pit bull named Rufus—and there was no guarantee the pup would react well to the tiny kitten. The kitty was, after all, a intruder in his home! Nonetheless, the man had to try.

But then there was another problem. The man quickly realized he had to feed and care for the kitten, and that meant buying supplies and cat food. The little kitten couldn’t eat Rufus’s food, of course!

So the man had little choice but to leave the kitten alone with his pit bull while he was gone. To pit bull critics, that decision might’ve seemed dangerous—what would Rufus do to the kitten while he was way? But when he came home, he was met by quite the surprise…

Rufus, a big, “mean” pit bull, had instinctively started licking and cuddling with the kitten! It was almost as if he was trying to tell him, “It’s okay, little buddy. You’re in safe paws now!” It was the most adorable thing.

Rufus wasn’t the only dog in the house, either! One of the man’s other dogs was there, too, though he didn’t seem to be quite as interested as Rufus when it came to doting on the kitten.

Maybe it was because the kitten and Rufus shared the same-colored coat—black and white—or perhaps it was just because Rufus was so affectionate, but the kitten actually thought Rufus was his mother! He kept exploring Rufus’ belly, almost as if he was looking to be nursed.

Periodically, the big pit bull would turn his head towards the little kitten, staring at him in a way that seemed to ask, “Hey buddy, what the heck are you doing?” He was both adorable and fascinating to the pit bull!

In return, the kitten showed plenty of affection towards Rufus as well. Whether the little guy was curious or just thankful for some attention, he practically refused to leave his new pal’s side.

Rufus’ owner was sure to show his pit bull how appreciative he was of his kindness and compassion. The man gave him plenty of gentle pets on the head. He must have felt so proud!

When his day began, this dog owner would’ve never expected that his pit bull buddy would become a surrogate “mom” for a tiny kitten. Nonetheless, Rufus was clearly full of surprises!

Not only were Rufus and the kitten a perfect match, but with their distinctive black and white fur, they were also pretty similar in appearance. It was almost like the universe was sending a sign…

It got even better from there. The next day, miraculously, the man found the little cat’s mother! After leaving the kitten on a warm patch of ground, he waited nearby. Finally, after about an hour, she picked up her baby!

Pit bulls may get a bad rap for many reasons—even though they’re not credible—but Rufus knew exactly what to do! Just watch the moment the man returned from the pet store and discovered Rufus’s reaction to the new kitten…

There’s no telling what will happen with a pit bull, but one thing’s for sure: it’ll be fun and heartwarming all at once! Rufus really proved that pit bulls are some of the most affectionate dogs around.

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