Wendy's menu: What can you order besides burgers?

Wendy's menu: What can you order besides burgers?
Wendy’s sign. (Photo by Rick Kern/ Getty Images for Wendy’s)

The Wendy’s menu has pulled out burgers in many locations. Still craving some Wendy’s? Here’s what you can still order.

At several locations, you may have found that Wendy’s is not offering burgers. This isn’t the case for the Wendy’s menu in general, but only is some locations that are running low on supply. This is also not the case for all operation hours.

From what we have gathered, these locations stop offering burgers as soon as they’re out, but bring it back again when it becomes available again.

Wendy’s has addressed the meat shortage on their page, explaining that some locations are short on supply. The restaurant claims to only want to create fresh burgers with great tasting meat as they are never ones to cut corners on quality. So until they can get enough supply to do this, they rather pull burgers out the menu when supply is out.

If this has happened at your local Wendy’s or you want to be prepared when you visit your closest Wendy’s location, here are some delicious alternatives:

Chicken Sandwiches: Two chicken burgers we highly recommend are the Bacon Jalapeno Chicken and the simple Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Nuggets: To satisfy a craving, you can’t go wrong with Spicy Chicken Nuggets!

Fries and Chili: Just wanting a snack? How about Baconator Fries or the Chili Cheese Fries? Wendy’s also has delicious Chili. We can’t decide which is our favorite!

Baked Potato: Say no more, get the Bacon Cheese Baked Potato!

Fresh-Made Salads: Salads may not be everyone’s favorite, but maybe you just haven’t tried Wendy’s salads! The one I always get when I’m feeling like having a lighter meal, is the Parmesan Caesar Chicken Salad. If you’d like to “cheat” and get a salad that’s not exactly a salad, how about the Taco Salad?

What will you be ordering from the Wendy’s menu the next time you stop by? Did we mention one of your favorite meals or food items here or do you have another one?