What Can You Make With Canned Tuna? Here Are 7 Tasty Dishes

What Can You Make With Canned Tuna? Here Are 7 Tasty Dishes
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What makes canned tuna such an important kitchen staple? Canned tuna is ready-to-eat: Just open a can and you can eat. It's also super easy to use as a replacement for other kinds of meat in many recipes.

Tuna is the flakey fish that can be the basis of many recipes, from a fried rice recipe to something more ingredient-loaded like a paella recipe or even a chowder. Browse through these recipes to see what delicious dish you can make with just a can or two of this already cooked fish product.

Easy Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai

How can you go wrong when you make lumpiang shanghai? We don't think you can! You don't even need to go out and get fresh meat! This recipe uses canned tuna to replace the meat that you usually use to make the filling of this otherwise classic lumpia recipe. There's no need to worry that it won't taste as good or as delicious because it has the same ingredients as your usual lumpiang shanghai but made with canned tuna instead.

Tuna and Tomato Rice

Do you love the tuna rice in the can? If you do but haven't been able to find it again the supermarkets and groceries, you can easily recreate that can at home! This recipe tries to make it as flavorful and as homemade as it can get. Grab a few other cans of ready-cooked ingredients and kitchen staples in your pantry and make this easy and flavorful fried rice recipe. You won't need any ulam either.

Tuna Mayo Rice Rolls

Otherwise known as an onigiri, these are stuffed rice balls have a tasty tuna filling on the inside so every bite has both the sticky rice and the tuna on the inside. The seaweed stuck on the rice is how you can hold this rice ball without it ever getting stuck on your fingers but it's the best tasting wrapper ever, too.

No-Cook Tuna Tacos

Since canned tuna is already cooked, you don't have a reason to cook it anymore unless you want or need to. For this recipe, everything is already pre-cooked! All you have to do is decide what to place in the taco!

Creamy Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich Spread

If you need another no-cook recipe that you can make, try this easy palaman recipe. What makes this especially great to make is that one recipe can make a lot of sandwiches! Plus, it's so tasty and easy to make with only three ingredients, it's a wonder you haven't made this yet!

What Can You Make With Canned Tuna? Here Are 7 Tasty Dishes
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Tuna Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salads are easy to make! Make it as delicious and the way you want it to taste with the right ingredients added to the mix of macaroni, mayonnaise, and a can or two of tuna. Want to make it extra special? Grab a handful of basil leaves, add some oil, and season it with salt and ground black pepper using a mortar and pestle. You can use this to top each bowl of this easy tuna recipe.

Spicy Tuna Pasta

There are many different cans of tuna in the market but few are quite as tasty and delicious as the spicy tuna version. This super flavorful can is so delicious, you can use the entire can, including the oil, to make this spicy tuna pasta recipe.

Canned tuna is a great kitchen staple. During times when you just can't go out and shop for the fresh ingredients you need to cook your favorite recipes, this versatile can is the ingredient you can reliably turn to for a fast and easy meal.

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