What car is the most suitable for self-driving tour? What configuration is most practical for self-driving?

What car is the most suitable for self-driving tour? Let's get something dry and practical!

1, if you only occasionally drive out after work, a year on so many short holidays, do not ask me what car is the most suitable for self-drive, your existing car is the most suitable for self-drive car. As long as your car goes on the paved road, no matter what car you drive, it is unobstructed. You are most familiar with the existing car, driving the most skilled, driving safety factor is also the highest, you have no need to consider changing the car for just a few days of travel a year.

2, you don't really want to go to the city's scenic spots, nor do you plan to walk through the streets and park your car in the downtown area. You have free time to travel around as a way of life, or you have the ambition to do travel self-publishing as a career, I can understand why you would choose the RV. The RV is only suitable for wandering around like a home, the road is the scenery. Don't tell me you have fun driving, you are not driving a car, it's a house, not fun driving. How many seconds to reach the speed of 100 km, you try with the caravan? So for those who like driving fun, it is not recommended that you choose an RV. If you still have most of the time is at home, unless your home has a villa, parking no problem, it is also not recommended that you buy a caravan. If your home is in the frozen north, an RV can be a big hassle for you. Renting an RV and just wanting to savor the pleasures of RV life for a short time is another matter, you are welcome to experience RV life but it is not too late for you to buy an RV after that experience.

3, if you have plans to start a more long-term self-driving life, then you can consider changing a car that is most suitable for self-driving. Self-driving life is definitely a most worthy option for retired old brothers and sisters to consider, not only is it good for your physical and mental health, but it will make your life rich and colorful, and it is definitely worth it to change a car that is suitable for self-driving. The loss of power position after retirement, the loneliness of suddenly losing your workplace life, will all become dissipated in front of the self-driving tour. You will feel relieved to have restored a real you in nature. At this time you read this piece of mine, I believe it will bring you gains.

4, not recommended to drive a car. Of course, now whether to Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Gannan or Sichuan West, driving a car can complete the trip. I began to drive a car, a car, when the heart is such an idea, really can not pass the road, return to not go is, the world did not have to go to see the scenery. But in the actual journey, even if the paved road, will often encounter the scene of road repair, sedan chassis low, slopes and scraping chassis is always inevitable, you can not repair a section of the road in front of the return, affecting the entire route of the trip, so the final choice or to hit the luck, the chassis wipe the ground, the feeling of fear is really not very good, so the experience of more, determined to change a The car with a high chassis.

What car is the most suitable for self-driving tour? What configuration is most practical for self-driving?

5, it is not recommended to drive a luxury car. Luxury cars are not called luxury cars because of the low failure rate, on the contrary, some times, the ordinary car is not a problem, to the luxury car here has become a problem. For example, when encountering potholes, luxury cars generally have a low tire flat ratio, ordinary cars encounter potholes past the road, luxury cars are more likely to blow a tire. If you are unlucky to catch a flat tire in a small county, changing the tires is a problem, if the vehicle fails, not many repair stores in the county can repair luxury cars.

In order to facilitate timely repair of breakdowns along the way, it is recommended to drive the most popular brands of street cars, where parts are easy to find and cheap.

6, it is not recommended to buy off-road vehicles. Because as ordinary travelers, off-road opportunities are too few, and off-road car ride is not comfortable, especially not suitable for long-distance travel, and huge fuel consumption, in order to occasional off-road demand on too much cost, how to calculate is not a cost-effective choice, except for the rich, of course, buy a cross-country than too much money at home also have to pickle with salt on the good. As ordinary people really want a special off-road excitement, temporary rent a car than you can buy a cost-effective.

7, if you want to get a new car, these configurations are very useful::

(1) can navigate the car, the most useful driving tour is navigation, with cell phone navigation is not the best choice, at least your new car should have carlife or carplay function, can project the cell phone navigation to your car, of course, if you can have networking capabilities of car navigation is even better. The car navigation that cannot be updated instantly will plummet your willingness to buy a car.

(2) Radar and back-up camera, it will save you a lot of effort even if you are extremely skilled in driving.

(3) Adaptive cruise control, I think is the most comfortable configuration, whether on the highway, county roads or traffic jams, adaptive cruise control will greatly relieve your driving fatigue, but also reduce the risk of tailgating and being tailgated, in all traffic accidents, tailgating is the most common traffic accident, so I think adaptive cruise control is the most useful active safety settings.

(4) Lane departure warning system, a godsend for driving on the highway. Many people like to say that the most beautiful scenery on the road, but in fact, the national roads and county roads on both sides are not always the most beautiful scenery, more is the most common towns and villages, and even a little bit of the same, ordinary. If you often choose highway driving, this early warning system with adaptive cruise control is too good to be true, although I do not advocate that you are overly comfortable when driving on the highway, but this system, basically, can ensure that you are more than one to avoid accidents when the occasional sleepy active safety.

This safety system, for my long-distance driving, adds a lot of confidence, and I believe for you as well.

What other configurations do you think are also better? Welcome to add in the comments.

8, save fuel, it is best to use 92 gasoline, electric mix is better, every moment will give you a small savings, this feels especially good, do not care about fuel consumption except for the cool brother.

9, high ground clearance, large luggage space, driving and parking are very convenient. Friends who have had self-driving experience know how important a large luggage space is for self-driving life.

10, in summary, an SUV of a popular brand is your best choice.

What car is the most suitable for self-driving tour? What configuration is most practical for self-driving?

What do you think is the most suitable car for self-drive? Welcome friends to add in the comments.