What Does Julia Roberts Eat For Keeping Good Health?

What Does Julia Roberts Eat?

Julia Roberts is in her late forties and looks just a few years plus thirty making every woman envy her graceful aging. Although many times aging gracefully is a gift from nature, a lot goes into maintaining it with proper diet and fitness techniques.

Julia Roberts Believes In Mindful Eating

The actress believes in keeping an eye on what you are eating. She believes in mindful eating and even teaches her children to eat good stuff so that their body gets the good stuff. She does not believe in dieting or starving herself. According to her, it is like punishing yourself.

She avoids going on dieting herself and believes in eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits and keeping junk foods at bay. Roberts thinks that giving in to the temptation such as a chocolate or an ice-cream occasionally is harmless.

Julia Roberts

Roberts Avoids Alcohol

The actress with a winsome smile says that you must stay away from alcohol for keeping good health. She thinks that alcohol does no good to your body and mind and is very bad for the skin. Instead, Julia advises to replace it with lots of water as it keeps your skin and body healthy.

Always Include Carbs In Diet

A few years ago, Roberts was spotted eating eight slices of pizza in just 45 minutes in Naples while shooting for her movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” at 8 am. It does not mean that she keeps on gorging on pizza like this every day, but it does indicate one thing that she does not avoid carbs.

And it also means that you can indulge in carbohydrates once a week and keep on looking good if you eat a balanced meal every day.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts’s Common-Approach Diet

A couple of years ago, the actress needed to look highly energetic for her movie “Mirror Mirror” in which she had to juggle a lot filming with a young family. That was when she took the advice of Carrie Wiatt, a nutritionist who is also nicknamed famously as “Queen of Lean.” Wiatt heads a food delivery company Diet Designs and also has written a diet book, “Eating by Design.”

The diet queen has also worked with other big stars including Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon. She definitely believes in including carbohydrate in the diet. According to Carrie, carbs are the best fuels for the brain and without them, you cannot think or exercise. She advises that a person with normal weight must eat 50 to 60 pc carbohydrates, 20pc fat and 20 to 25pc protein in each meal.

And Julia Roberts follows this common-approach diet to keep her taste buds happy and it also ensures that she sticks to the healthy diet.

Adding More Flavors To What You Eat

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts follows the advice of Carrie when it comes to adding flavors to her diet. According to the dietitian, stronger flavors in food satisfy you fast and apparently you end up eating less. Carrie says that highly flavored foods make the meal more enticing and exciting but not fattening.

And one way to add strong flavor is roasted garlic that can be added to just anything including soups and sauces and Julia simply loves eating this way. Carrie suggests a simple way for making your meal exciting and highly flavored.

  • Pre-heat oven to 450°F.
  • Keep the unpeeled, whole clove of garlic in a baking dish.
  • Place it into the pre-heated oven and roast it for 30 minutes.
  • It can be added to anything from rolls or bread, chicken, in sandwich-spread or even in soups.

Julia Roberts Diet-Plan

Julia Roberts

The diet plan of the “Sleeping With The Enemy” actress is as follows:

  • Breakfast includes yogurt, seasonal berries, and homemade granola or banana or carrot muffin, and fresh papaya with yogurt.
  • Lunch includes spinach filo pie with wheat pilaf or baked artichoke polenta.
  • Dinner includes sea bass with black-bean salsa and asparagus or ginger-crusted salmon with Chinese vegetables and quinoa.

Relaxation And Smile For Fitness And Beauty

Julia Roberts believes that relaxing and smiling very often helps you look beautiful always. Whenever she gets spare time from her work, the actress tries to relax by spending time with her family. According to Roberts, she is a very domesticated woman who also indulges in a typical girl-like hobby such as knitting in her free time or even between the shots on the shooting location.

The actress believes that smiling regularly reduces stress as it releases endorphins, gives a workout to your facial muscles, increases their blood circulation, and also keeps your face looking fresh.

Julia Roberts Workout Routine

Julia Roberts

One interesting thing about the actress is that even though she looks stunning almost always, her routine in real life is quite simple. To keep herself fit, Julia tries easy exercises such as swimming or cycling. According to her exercise is highly important for keeping your body healthy but you must never perform the exercises that leave you drained of energy.

Similar to the today’s hot star, Kristen Stewart, Julia Roberts too is not a big fan of going to the gym and doing heavy exercises. She is not at all crazy about the latest exercising trends. Roberts believes that to remain healthy the foremost thing is to follow 4 super rules:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Remain calm
  • Get enough sleep
  • Be joyful and positive


So, girls, if you want to look like Julia Roberts with graceful aging, follow what she does as described above.