What Happened To Robert Irvine And Where Is He Now Since His Show Was Cancelled?

What Happened To Robert Irvine And Where Is He Now Since His Show Was Cancelled?
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For all intent and purposes, being a chef in America can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career. Not only do you get to be the source of the culinary delights of millions of people, but it also offers a chance at a career in television, cementing your place as a public personality. This is why it was devastating news when Robert Irvine’s show, eponymously titled The Robert Irvine Show, was canceled and left fans wondering what happened.

We took a look at why the syndicated talk show was removed from the air, as well as where its host, Robert Irvine is now. Check it out below.

Robert Irvine’s Background

Robert Irvine was born in Salisbury, England on the 24th of September, 1965. While most cooks and chefs often become an adult before taking on a career in the kitchen, Robert Irvine was a teenager when he began cooking for the UK Royal Navy, beginning his career as a cook in the military at the age of 15. Afterward, having completed culinary training, he served on the Britannia, the Royal Yacht of the Queen, with his time in the navy and the Royal Yacht spanning ten years.

After the end of his time in the military, he worked for various establishments and cruise ships, working as a consultant in various locations like Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, and Bali.

Before his unfortunate setback happened, Robert Irvine had had a long TV career, which began in 2007, when he began hosting Dinner: Impossible. He worked on and appeared on various shows like Restaurant Express, Southern Fried Everything, Top Chef Canada and several others.

In addition to his career as a TV chef, he also owns a restaurant, Robert Irvine’s Public House, which is located in Las Vegas at the Tropicana Resort. He is also a published author with three books, Mission: Cook!, Impossible To Easy and Fit Fuel, the first two being cookbooks and the third, his fitness book.

He is also a philanthropist with his foundation, The Robert Irvine Foundation.

What Happened to Robert Irvine?

Robert Irvine was enjoying a great period in his career with several shows on the Food Network and plans to establish two restaurants in Florida when a news article was published on the 17th of February 2008, claiming he had lied about his résumé.

The allegation claimed that Robert Irvine had lied about his status as a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order and his degree from the University of Leeds, as well as the fact he worked on the famous wedding cake of Prince Charles and Princess Diana that set several records.

The incident was the most controversial to have happened to Robert Irvine’s career at the time, and it prompted his removal from his show, Dinner: Impossible on the Food Network and he was replaced with Michael Symon.

What Happened To Robert Irvine And Where Is He Now Since His Show Was Cancelled?
Robert Irvine on Restaurant: Impossible

However, after a public apology, where he admitted he had exaggerated his resume, owning up to the truth and stating that he had done so because intimidated by the wealth and resume of people in the cooking industry.

The controversy resulted in the cancellation of his planned restaurants, and while his apology wasn’t enough to bring the plans into fruition, it was more than enough to bring him back on the air to his show, Dinner: Impossible, which he returned to later in the year, in November 2008 until its end in 2010.

He has continued to work with the Food Network in other capacities, such as the shows – Worst Cooks in America, Restaurant: Impossible, Restaurant Express and a few others.

Where Is He Now Since His Show Was Cancelled?

While he hasn’t been embroiled in any other controversy since the resume incident, it hasn’t completely been smooth sailing for the chef. Another major thing that has happened to Robert Irvine is the cancellation of his show, The Robert Irvine Show. It was a daytime weekday talk show that featured Robert as a host in a traditional talk format, engaged in conflict resolution among the guests on the show. The show, which was hosted on The CW network, spanned two seasons and 180 episodes. It was canceled in May 2018.

Although the show’s cancellation was a disappointment for the celebrity chef, he continues to appear on television for the Food Network through his array of shows, specifically, Restaurant: Impossible. He also makes guest appearances on other shows like Family Restaurant Rivals and Good Morning America.