What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

If you had three months, what would you do?

Some people will say: I can travel half of China!

Yes, with today's advanced transportation methods, this is not difficult to achieve.

But if you have to choose to travel on foot and push a disabled mother during this three-month period, the idea of travel will absolutely vanish.

But in 2012, there is such a young man, in order to realize his mother's wish, and at the same time get rid of their own difficulties, it took three months, across six provinces in China, pushing his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna, he is Fan Meng.

Nine years have passed, how is he doing now?

I. The son's choice and the mother's dream: pushing the mother to hike

In 1986, Fan Meng was born to an ordinary family in Beijing. His father was a cab driver and his mother, Kou Minjun, suffered from polio in her early childhood, leaving her with a lifelong disability that prevents her from walking normally.

In 2002, Fan Meng's parents divorced due to a disagreement. Since then, Fan Meng has been living with his disabled mother.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

Fan Meng is an understanding child who has always taken care of his mother who has mobility problems.

When he was young, Fan Meng, who was not as tall as the wheelchair, would push the wheelchair and take his mother here and there, and would often make his mother happy, and the relationship between mother and son was so cordial that Fan Meng often called Kou Minjun "Big Girl".

Fan Meng grew up and found a job that was enough to support his family, as well as having a love of his own, just like the average guy.

The life of mother and son is very ordinary, but warm and happy enough.

But this happy and ordinary life changed "dramatically" in 2012.

In February 2012, Fan Meng injured his knee while playing soccer and had to undergo knee surgery, which meant that there was a good chance that he would no longer be able to pursue his passion for the game.

Doom never travels alone.

Not long after, and Fan Meng's girlfriend of four years suddenly brought another man, to Fan Meng proposed to break up, had thought it would be a long-lasting love instantly collapsed, which made Fan Meng momentarily unable to accept.

Immediately afterwards, in May 2012, his grandmother, who had always loved Fan Meng very much, passed away.

Because of economic difficulties, the company is no longer running smoothly, and the formerly excellent benefits have been severely curtailed ......

"I feel like I'm walking down the road of prosperity but I suddenly hit the south wall, why did it turn out like this? I can't give myself an answer even though I think about it day and night." Fan Meng once recalled that difficult period of time.

Fan Meng was gradually engulfed by negative emotions, and when he could not retreat, he thought of a classic movie - "Forrest Gump". A line in the movie made a deep impression on Fan Meng: "You can only move on if you forget the past."

How can I forget the past? Perhaps by running around the United States on two legs, like Forrest Gump did, you can forget the pain of your loved one's departure.

As a result, Fan Meng had the idea of trekking.

But Fan Meng has a person who is not at ease: his own mother.

As the saying goes, parents don't travel far. If you leave, your disabled mother will not be able to live a normal life at home alone. So how should Fan Meng make his choice between hiking and family love?

On July 8, 2012, after deliberating a million times, Fan Meng decided to tell his mother that he was ready to go on a hike.

When Kou Minjun heard her son's words, she did not care, thinking that he was joking, she said to Fan Meng, "Then you have to take me with you, I have had a dream since I was a child to go to Xishuangbanna to see the peacocks."

Mom's answer was just a casual remark, but the person who said it didn't mean it, but the person who heard it meant it.

These words were like a blazing fire that completely ignited Fan Meng's idea of trekking. This also made Fan Meng's destination for the trek clear: Xishuangbanna.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

"I'm going to Xishuangbanna, taking my mom with me, using my legs... Okay, it's decided!" Fan Meng made up his mind.

In the morning of July 9, Fan Meng resolutely submitted his resignation report to the company, and his mother was surprised and overwhelmed after learning of Fan Meng's decision.

However, she did not oppose her son's arrangement because in Kou Minjun's eyes Fan Meng was a son who knew what he was doing and a mature man who could make the right decision on his own.

II. Inner turmoil and physical exhaustion: mother and child depart

"Flashlight, cool oil, dagger, anti-inflammatory medicine, tent, toiletries, change of clothes ...... need anything else?" On July 10, Fan Meng posted such a dynamic on Weibo.

The next morning at 6 a.m., Fan Meng mother and son left their familiar home.

From the time she made up her mind to the time she set off, Fan Meng took less than four days. This sudden trip made Kou Minjun doubly happy, because it was the first time she had traveled in most of her life.

But for Fan Meng, in addition to the excitement, there is still a lot of inner turmoil.

Before departure, Fan Meng used his cell phone navigation to see that he needed to travel a distance of 3359.8 kilometers from Beijing to Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna.

This is a huge challenge. Not only do you have to face a huge physical test along the way, there is a high probability that you will encounter various unexpected natural disasters.

Not only that, in Fan Meng's heart, the most worried or "human uncertainty", so he will be his adopted stray dog "butterfly" also brought along.

"The butterfly will bark fiercely when it smells a stranger, and when it sleeps at night it can at least warn us and act as a deterrent." Fan Meng explained why he wanted to take a puppy on the road.

In addition, Fan Meng concealed from his mother to buy five personal accident insurance, the beneficiaries are their own mother. "If a real danger occurs, I must save her down, but also to let her future life is guaranteed." Fan Meng said so.

Even though his heart was troubled, Fan Meng did not show any outward signs and embarked on a trip to Xishuangbanna with his mother, talking and laughing.

On the first day, Fan Meng chose to walk out of Beijing along the national and provincial highways. He calculated that he needed to walk about 60 kilometers a day according to the distance, and he could get out of Beijing in one day's time.

But the ideal is very rich, the reality is very skeletal.

On the first night, Fan Meng learned by checking the route that after a long walk, they had not yet gotten out of Beijing, so mother and son set up a tent and rested in the field for the night.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

The next day, mother and son got up at four o'clock to continue their journey. Due to the first day's exertion, Fan Meng from the feet all the way to the neck are sore and swollen, more damaging is his knees that have been operated on, bending are very difficult.

It dawned on Fan Meng that the plan he had made before was not realistic.

So mother and son adjusted the pace and decided to walk only about 30 kilometers a day, so that Fan Meng's knees could also gradually adapt.

Third, the gains and changes of mother and son: arriving in Xishuangbanna

Although slowed down, but Fan Meng's body is still under great pressure, the blisters on the feet one set a bubble came out.

In addition, the mother's weight plus the luggage she carried before and after the wheelchair was more than 300 pounds.

"When you encounter a large slope to push the wheelchair is particularly difficult, often push a few dozen meters without gas." Fan Meng had recalled.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

Whenever it comes to uphill, Fan Meng will find a stone to pad the wheels of the wheelchair to rest a little, then push forward a few dozen meters, and then stop to rest ...... several times to climb over the slope.

The mother was heartbroken watching her son and tried to persuade him to stop, but Fan Meng ignored it.

"The handlebars are not in the hands of the big girl, it's up to her to go or not." Fan Meng had smiled and said.

While in Guizhou, Fan Meng ate spoiled food, launched a high fever, and the whole person was light-headed.

At that time, his physical state was already unable to continue the trek, but in Fan Meng's chaotic mind there was still a stubborn idea: no matter how sick he was, he had to go on the road on the third day.

In this way, the third day of illness is still not well, he supported the body almost deflated to walk more than 10 miles.

This extremely demanding self-discipline is Fan Meng's approach to hiking.

After all, the fundamental purpose of this hike is to "forget" the previous psychological pain, so learn to use the physical pain to replace the psychological pain.

Along the way, Fan Meng and his mother have hitchhiked three times, all as a matter of necessity.

The first time because the wheelchair's tire blew out; the second time because a friend invited me to dinner; the third time because a section of the national highway in Guizhou was under repair and the road was full of boulders, so the wheelchair could not pass through.

Although the three hitchhiking trips together did not exceed 100 kilometers, they all went against the original purpose of the trek in Fan Meng's eyes, and he even regretted for hitchhiking.

So no matter what unexpected situation you encounter when hiking, as long as you don't have no choice, Fan Meng will not stop his footsteps, how persistent!

At 12:47pm on October 18, 2012, Fan Meng posted on his Weibo account, "We're here!" This marks that the trip has finally come to fruition.

Fan Meng's mother and son's trek was covered by major media.

As soon as I arrived in Xishuangbanna, I received a warm welcome from the local community.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

The Xishuangbanna Local Tourism Bureau specially prepared Dai costumes for them, and Fan Meng was awarded "Ambassador of Moving Xishuangbanna", while Kou Minjun was awarded "Honorary Ambassador of Loving Xishuangbanna".

In the face of these warm welcome, Fan Meng is extraordinarily calm: "The last few days go very slowly, because the heart is the feeling of having done all the fun. After the mind is completely relaxed, I feel tired, sleepy, can not walk."

For these welcome ceremonies and honorary titles, Fan Meng cares more about the rewards and changes that this journey has brought to himself and his mother.

At the beginning of the trek, Fan Meng's basic understanding of "others" was selfishness and indifference, and he attributed the greatest risk factor of the journey to the "human" aspect.

But this way to find: there are few bad guys on the road, all good guys!

On July 12, 2012, when Fan Meng walked out of Beijing, he needed to charge his phone, so he went to a small gas station nearby with the mindset of trying it out.

When he asked for help from the gas station, the staff did not hesitate to grant Fan Meng's request.

In the follow-up chat, the staff learned about Fan Meng mother and son, deeply moved, when leaving insisted on sending Fan Meng mother and son two bottles of water, which makes Fan Meng feel warm.

As time went by, more and more people learned about Fan Meng's mother and son, and they spontaneously sent their love and blessings for Fan Meng.

There are the boss lady who poured green bean soup for him, the netizens who sent fresh melons and fruits, the drivers who sent scarves, the enthusiastic people who helped him push the car ......

The Xishuangbanna Tourism Bureau knew the news and also called on purpose, expressing its willingness to provide free air tickets and accommodation for them to help them fulfill their dreams.

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

"It was their love that gave me the strength and gave me more confidence to keep going." Fan Meng had said.

Once passing through the countryside dirt road, a tractor overturned, the driver's life is not known, Fan Meng immediately fixed the wheelchair, and rushed to the ditch to save people.

The love along the way has undoubtedly influenced Fan Meng, giving him a sunnier mindset to look at the society.

In addition, the minds and bodies of Fan Meng's mother and son changed dramatically as a result of the trek.

Along the way, Fan Meng's weight dropped from 160 pounds to 120 pounds.

"Along with the weight disappeared the four big mountains that were weighing themselves down!" Through this hike, Fan Meng's body and soul were liberated at the same time.

Once upon a time, Fan Meng never cared about the details of life, washing clothes never pay attention to the depth of the clothes, just a brain all stuffed into the washing machine, now Fan Meng has taken over all the chores at home, and do it very carefully and seriously.

Kou Minjun also came into contact with the larger world during the trek. Not only did she come to Xishuangbanna, the place she dreamed of, but she also changed from a "dirt old lady" who never cared about her dress to a "fashionable old lady" and became younger at heart.

Fourth, starting a family: the journey of life continues

After a month of touring in Xishuangbanna, the mother and son returned to Beijing.

The leader of Fan Meng's former workplace handed him his employee card again and gave him a chance to work for the company again.

But Fan Meng refused: "I still feel like I'm on the road, I feel like my legs can't be idle, and I still want to go out."

Fan Meng, who had just finished his trek, had to face life after all, so why should he give up a stable job?

It all started with a word from my mother. Before leaving Xishuangbanna, my mother said to Fan Meng, "If only I could live here for the rest of my life!"

When he returned to Beijing, Fan Meng looked at the small room and he seemed to see his mother's life in her old age.

In order to allow his mother to spend the rest of her life in a place she loves, Fan Meng made up his mind to leave Beijing and settle in Xishuangbanna.

So Fan Meng took his mother back to Xishuangbanna again. He rented a larger bamboo building and bought all the necessary living materials.

After settling in Xishuangbanna, Fan Meng sank his teeth into a summary of his trek and published his book, "Pushing Mom to Travel".

What happened to the man who pushed his mother on foot from Beijing to Xishuangbanna in 2012?

Soon after, Fan Meng also found the girl of his choice, and they entered into marriage and gave birth to a lovely girl.

Today, the Fanmeng family is still happy, but the dog "Butterfly", who accompanied the mother and son on their hike, has passed away.

In his free time, Fan Meng will actively participate in various sports activities, such as soccer, basketball ......

"In any case, this trip has made me less impatient, and even if there is confusion around me again, I will definitely be optimistic in mind." Fan Meng had said.

This trekking trip is not only a filial duty, but also a cleansing of the soul and the body.

With two people, a wheelchair and a dog, Fan Meng has created a myth, redeemed himself and touched countless people in the country.

I hope Fan Meng's deeds can influence more confused people, so that they can achieve salvation in their limited time and do their filial piety in time for their parents' limited time!

We wish the Fanmeng family happiness and peace and joy!