"What If" Car Designs by Concept Designer Abimelec Arellano, Like the Pontiac Aztec Trans Am

Mexico-based concept designer Abimelec Arellano has been dealing with the quarantine by cranking out a series of "What If" car designs. Like, what if Pontiac had combined their ugliest model with their most iconic?

What if the Mercury Grand Marquis station wagon came with an extreme performance trim level?

What if the '58 Plymouth Fury had a convertible option, painted in Cadillac colors, and with a modern-day powerplant?

What if Volkswagen had made a GT version of the Beetle in the '60s?

What if Audi's RS6 wagon was wider, meaner-looking and had '80s rims on it?
What if the Dodge Viper hadn't been canceled, and had reached its fifth generation?
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