What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

I do not eat a lot of sea fish.

I've basically eaten all freshwater fish, so tell me which ones are better.

1 Cinnamon fish, Aohua.

What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

This fish is called Aohua in the south, has a lot of spines on its back, and is a carnivorous fish.

Farming prices are generally between 30 and 40, with wild ones being more expensive.

It should be noted that the colder the place the more delicious the guppy, a few days ago a friend in Chagan Lake sent me a, 1 kg 9 taels.

The guppy in Chagan Lake is sold at 120 a catty, which is quite expensive.

I did not spoil him, boiled in water to eat, the meat is relatively hard, but not rough, the taste is thick, still tender.

There is no strange taste, and it will probably be more delicious if cooked carefully.

However, the skin of cinnamon fish is generally thicker, so don't buy it if you don't like the skin.

2 Chironomus salmon

What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

I haven't eaten this fish for many years, once in '05.

At that time this fish wild will have to 50 yuan a catty, garlic flesh, thin skin, that time to eat when the fish soup cooked directly in water.

Less meat, the meat is very tender, personally feel a little better than guppy, and the marrow in the bones tastes excellent.

Subsequent to this fish is getting less and less, the state also made the Sichuan-Shaanxi Chero salmon into a protected animal, the follow-up did not eat.

In Tomb Raider, the fish that chased Wu Qi and bit him was the Chero salmon.

3 Gan fish, this fish fresh to eat very difficult to eat, not fresh to eat.

Must take a lot of salt to kill through, and when his meat becomes the same color as beef, toughness, this time fried and eaten to taste.

or made into dried fish.

What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

Make it into dried fish or marinate it thoroughly, and wait for the meat to become tough before it tastes good.

If the meat of this fish is not marinated, like rotten dough, a touch of rotten, do not engage in cooking, fresh eat very difficult to eat

4 Wyoming head.

What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

To be clear, it is a catfish, more in the northeast, it is said to grow to 70 80 pounds.

Catfish is needless to say, the meat is tender, relatively soft, but the meat is not yet loose, more down.

It is usually eaten with eggplant stew, which tastes very good.

5 Old man fish

What's the best fish to eat? Share a few delicious fish

This fish is one of my favorites, and I personally think it's on par with Chero salmon.

In the early years are used to feed the ducks, now very expensive, farmed, large at least 30 a pound.

The price of wild is even more expensive.

This fish has a characteristic, not afraid of lack of oxygen, leaving the water, a bunch of fish lying together, live a day no problem at all.

If you sprinkle some water every day, live 4 5 days are no problem.

I quite love this fish, our side of the large, farmed old man fish 35 a pound.

But this fish can not buy too big, too big meat thick, not easy to taste, not good, too small meat less, you have to buy the kind of moderate body size.

Last month my family came to a relative, do not eat anything, eat the old man fish, in my house even a week to eat the old man fish.

Buy 2 pounds a day, every day on the old man fish, with a little nest, chili, click is to eat.

The meat of this fish is quite tender, somewhat similar to the texture of catfish, not quite the same, more elastic.

It should be noted that buy old man fish try not to buy too big, too big belly is more fat, buy the kind of belly is not too small the best.

In addition, this fish to eat, it is best to scrape the scales, I have seen the old man fish scales below a lot of small red worms.