What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

Cell phones are now as essential as a handful of electronic products, we are always on it for a variety of operations, but do you really understand our cell phones?

Today, I will take you to talk about our cell phone shallowly.

Cell phones are also known as cell phones, in the era of cell phones have not been popular, there is a "big brother" is simply a status symbol, cell phones are expensive and bulky.

With the advancement of technology, cell phones have truly come into millions of households and are held in everyone's hands.

The cell phone also from the initial can only make and receive calls to be able to send text messages, and then to be able to carry out a simple "snake" game on it, and now can be independent, at any time, anywhere to download all kinds of App to enrich our cell phone.

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

Before, a cell phone was a cell phone and there was no distinction between a smart phone and a non-smart phone.

Nowadays, cell phones are also divided into two types: smartphones and feature phones.

Feature machine: system customization restrictions, system single and can not be upgraded, can not install / remove the three parties such as: Aiki PPS audio and video, navigation, games and many other extended program applications.

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

Smartphone: Smartphone refers to a type of cell phone that has an independent operating system, like a personal computer, and can be used by users to install software, games and other programs provided by third-party service providers, and to continuously expand the functions of the phone through such programs, as well as to achieve wireless network access through mobile communication networks. The general term "mobile phone". Currently, the mainstream cell phone systems are Apple and Android.

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

Cell phone heating causes: two major "culprits""

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

I. Chip heating

After understanding the classification of cell phones, we need to understand one of the most important components inside the phone: the chip

The chip is also known as the CPU, which is the data computing core and functional control core of the phone

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

Part of the reason why our phones get hot comes from the hardware inside the phone, which is also one of the reasons why it gets hot.

Why does the chip heat up?

To put it simply, our phones convert electrical energy when we use the chip.

A large part of it is used as energy for the operation of our cell phone system, while the other part of the electrical energy that does not do any work has to be dissipated as heat consumption.

This time our phone case will begin to heat up (note that this is called cell phone heating), which is a normal phenomenon of cell phones, and the human body in the summer time sweating heat, belong to the normal phenomenon.

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

So can we keep the chip from heating up?

The answer is yes!

You can choose to turn your phone off and not use it, or choose to use a feature phone.

So it's obviously not possible.

So when will we feel the heat of the chip?

1, when the phone is running large games: list such as King, chicken, and other common large chip-eating games, the phone chip is in the crazy output ......

2, the phone in watching high-definition live and shooting video with a lot of special effects, the chip is also running at high speed, because the chip on the phone is a combination of data processing and image processing two in one.

These are two common situations where our chips heat up.

In addition to the heat of the chip what else is the phone heat "helper"?

Second, the battery heats up

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

The battery is an important part of our cell phones, without which our phones cannot be used.

Then the battery heat should also be analyzed in two cases.

1、Under normal circumstances

Just as the electrical energy is converted into heat as stated above when the chip is hot, the phone will heat up when it is operating at high speed.

In normal circumstances without charging, electricity is only in the phone operation and the chip side by side heat, battery heating is very small, at most and the screen combination heat, and is not enough to worry about.

But if it is in a hot environment, then this time will start to dissipate a lot of heat, causing the phone to slow down and the phone to lag.

If coupled with the phone in the case of charging, then this time the charging power is not fully converted into battery storage energy, and our phone is also overloaded with use, the phone will be extremely hot, and even a little bit slightly hot, but this also belongs to our normal phenomenon.

We just need to place the phone in a ventilated or cool place, or even use physical cooling methods to reduce the temperature of the phone.

2、Non-normal situation

What is an abnormal situation?

It is when your phone does not perform any operation (including background application refresh) and is not charging when the phone starts to heat up and get hot.

So how is hair perm defined?

The phone placed on the human skin has a clear burning sensation, and the temperature is constantly rising, this time the hot is not normal heat.

There are several possible reasons for this occurrence.

1、Replaced the unofficial battery

2、The phone has been in the water

3、Phone placed in high temperature environment

If such abnormal heating occurs, it is recommended that you stay away from your phone a little bit, because at this time, the phone may become a time bomb that can "explode" at any time.

What's wrong with a hot phone? Can a phone explode?

When it calms down a bit bring your phone to the aftermarket to have the exact cause tested.

In addition to these two major sources of heat, our phones need to occupy the CPU, network, screen and speakers at the same time in these scenarios of watching movies, playing games and shooting videos, which will also generate more heat

So if we encounter fever how should we go about solving it?

1. Avoid playing with the phone while charging

Playing while charging will increase the load on the battery, which will intensify the phone getting hot.

2. Turn on low battery mode

In low battery mode, the system will implement power saving measures to turn off or adjust certain functions to reduce the heating of the phone caused by high intensity power consumption.

3. Do not wear too thick phone case

Wearing a thicker case can cause the body heat to not dissipate as quickly.

4. Mobile phone in the shade

When you feel your phone is hot, you can put it in a cool place, such as a marble, glass, wall or vent to let it "cool down".

5. Buy cooling back clip

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