What The Police Discovered Inside This Man's Home Made Them Arrest Him Immediately!

Michael Hanen has been arrested after police were informed that he may be in possession materials that depicted underage children in sexual situations. When police investigated his home, they found an abundance of images that showed children, all under the age of 11, posing in provocative ways and engaging in sexual acts.

The Boy Scout leader from Florida allegedly had images of himself in his uniform with children around him throughout his house, too. It is not known if any of those photos were sexual in nature. Of all the evidence discovered in his residence, it is believed that the youngest child in many of the photos was just two-years old.

Police are circulating Hanen’s mugshot around the community to try and see if anyone comes forward with more information about the man’s illicit activities. They say that they want to reach as many people as possible because they feel as though there must be some people out there who know about the children he may have interacted with. They then want to talk to those kids to ask them if Hanen ever asked or forced them to do anything inappropriate.

Michael Hanen has been a part of the Boy Scout organization for a number of decades. Reportedly, he has never been questioned or accused of doing anything inappropriate or illicit with the children he mentored.

Officials from the Boy Scouts have come forward with a statement about the incident. They reveal that they are appalled and horrified at the evidence discovered in Hanen’s possession. The organization states that it is their duty to make sure that their members are taken care of and kept out of harms way. They say they will be making adjustments to regulations in order to try and prevent another terrible incident like this from happening again.