What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

The improvement of living standards and the upgrading of consumption concepts have prompted a shift in the way people consume tourism. People are no longer satisfied with the past type of walking around the card travel, but prefer those with quality, personality, relaxed travel experience, which is most popular among urbanites is camping.

In the past two years, the camping industry has shown a spurt of growth, and the consumer base and market have reached an unprecedented scale. If you ask why camping is becoming more and more popular among urbanites, it is the advantages of camping over other travel methods, such as getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the relaxation of being close to nature, and awakening the colorful world within urbanites.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

In order to meet this demand of the users, GAC Mitsubishi this year's "beauty-seeking trip" on the focus of "explore the fun - good life", through the elaboration of six high-quality self-drive camping routes, the creation of environmentally friendly camping mode, and users together with the encounter of the city and the integration of the mountains, presenting a new 5 + 2 good car life.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

It is worth mentioning that the 2022 GAC Mitsubishi "Beauty Hunt" has been officially set off in Changsha Orange Island on May 27. And this time to the beautiful Huzhou, GAC Mitsubishi will be for users and camping enthusiasts to present what kind of a camping route, to explore the beauty of Huzhou?

Experience the idyllic life away from the city in Moganshan Valley

From Hangzhou, it takes only an hour's drive to reach Moganshan.

As a national AAAA tourist attraction and national forest park, Moganshan is also one of the four major summer resorts in China. Not only does it have beautiful natural scenery, but also many literati and scholars have left uncountable poems, stone inscriptions and deeds for this place in history.

And to the east of the Moganshan foothills sits an idyllic village, which is the Mogan Valley Resort.

There are natural beauties such as the greenery of bamboo, the clarity of mountain springs, and the surge of clouds, as well as elegant resting places for tea and scenery watching, and farming experiences where you can plant and feel the joy of harvest, making it an excellent place to feel the texture of nature, experience folk culture, and rural life up close.

The BAIC Mitsubishi beauty-seeking team came to Huzhou Mogan Valley, so that the team and his party released the depression from the steel and concrete, in the "beauty-seeking trip" to explore a beautiful township, with the wheels told a story that can evoke the colorful world of the city people.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

The children can not only move the hand-painted kites to the nature to let their imagination fly, but also have a close contact with the lovely animals such as alpacas, groundhogs, sheep and rabbits in the cute pet park.

And when night falls, camping life instantly opens, where it is not a wilderness survival-like ordeal, but a pure pleasure for the soul, a release of all the usual pressure of relaxation. At this point in camping, you just need to "lie flat" in the rolling hills and on the lawn, which is very close to nature.

A trip to find beauty, but also an environmental knowledge class

More importantly, this Guangqi Mitsubishi "the search for beauty trip" is not a purely away from the city travel, camping as a carrier, more is to explore the mystery of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, is a public welfare nature of environmental protection activities, guarding the "aspiration for a better life".

It can be said that GAC Mitsubishi pays attention to the impact of camping activities on the natural environment and pays more attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

Since its launch in 2014, GAC Mitsubishi's "Beauty Hunt" has been dedicated to delivering love and discovering the beauty of life. Through cultural transmission, public welfare practice, self-driving tour innovation, has become a brand culture card of GAC Mitsubishi.

The core value of "exploring the interest of life" as the brand of GAC Mitsubishi is also translated into the spirit of the activity of "finding beauty".

This time into the Huzhou Mogan Valley, is Guangqi Mitsubishi to "look for beautiful township" as a carrier, linking authoritative media, mobilize social forces, in-depth new era of the beautiful township, advocate low-carbon life, promote ecological civilization, practice the new development concept, help promote the development of rural tourism public welfare trip.

Mogan Valley Resort has a farming theme park covering an area of 100 mu, 200 mu of landscape wheat fields, 7 agricultural linkage sheds, and has developed parent-child study programs such as forest classroom and ZhiRa school, which help promote the integration of one, two and three industries, injecting new content and vitality into the development of rural cultural tourism, and becoming a demonstration point for rural revitalization and common wealth strategy.

In addition to calling for green travel and traceless camping along the way, injecting positive energy into the development of the local tourism economy and lifestyle, environmental activities were also carried out in the form of biodiversity awareness, water source protection and reforestation.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

And everyone in the BAE Mitsubishi beauty-seeking team on this trip can benefit greatly from such activities.

It can be said that this beauty-seeking trip is not only a public welfare trip to find beautiful towns and villages and help revitalize them, but also an environmental knowledge class that all participants can benefit from.

As a brand with the spirit of exploration, such an activity with camping as a carrier not only interprets the brand spirit, but also stimulates the spirit of exploration of every GAC Mitsubishi user. At the same time, as a company, GAC Mitsubishi also embodies corporate responsibility through such activities.

Self-driving camping also need a good helper, GAC Mitsubishi escort

This year's GAC Mitsubishi "looking for the beauty of the trip" to Changsha as the starting point, in-depth Chengdu, Shenzhen, Huzhou, Chongqing, Changchun, will create six high-quality camping self-drive tour route, to carry out a 30-hour ecological camping activities.

In the exploration of the camping driving route, the escort is GAC Mitsubishi Outlander and Attuko.

As the star model of GAC Mitsubishi, with the quality-price ratio of "2047" (i.e. four-wheel drive seven-seat SUV within 200,000 yuan), Outlander has gained the favor of more than 300,000 families since its launch and become their travel partner.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

In today's two-child and three-child policy has been liberalized, with 7-seat layout of the Outlander, more in line with the needs of many multi-child families with cars. Driving the Outlander, with a family to a trip on the go, has become possible.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

Not only that, thanks to the flexible changeable seating combination of 5/7 seats and the trunk volume of up to 913L, the Outlander allows us to easily load the daily necessities and play equipment for the trip, even if the family takes the tent and dining table on the trip, it can also meet the needs of carrying people and goods at the same time.

The most impressive part of the trip is the powerful and reliable 4WD performance of Outlander.

Whether driving on a mountain road or a muddy mountain road, Outlander's S-AWC super all-wheel drive system brings enough confidence to the driver.

Compared to the conventional AWC system in other SUVs, the S-AWC is a system that continuously adjusts the traction and stability of the vehicle during travel by adding an active differential and increasing the level of integration in the electronics and the integration of each part.

It also has four driving modes, AWC-ECO, NORMAL, SNOW and 4WDLOCK, making it capable of paddling through any weather and extreme road conditions and providing drivers with a transgressive driving experience.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

The other model that escorted the trip, Attuko, is a pure electric SUV that was only officially launched by GAC Mitsubishi in March this year. As the first joint venture hardcore pure electric SUV, Attuko is a good advocate of the low-carbon travel concept of this trip.

The Attuko is built on a pure electric platform and thus has a range of 520 km under CLTC conditions, which not only easily meets the needs of users for daily transportation, but also allows them to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding city. With the deepening of the pure electric market, more and more perfect charging facilities will meet the needs of Attuko users for long-distance travel.

The Attuko's large trunk space made the trip to find beauty even more enjoyable. With a maximum trunk volume of 1,102 liters and 25 storage spaces, the Attuko is a pure electric SUV that fully meets the space needs of the camping trip.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

In order to meet the current consumer demand for pure electric car intelligence, Attuko broke the stereotype of joint venture pure electric car intelligence experience is not good, equipped with dual 12.3-inch LCD screen, and the car system in addition to support the conventional entertainment, navigation and other functions, but also provides a wealth of intelligent features.

For example, full-scene intelligent voice interaction, APP vehicle intelligent control interconnection, OTA upgrade, etc. are presented on Attuko. The biggest highlight is the installation of AR real-world navigation system. This makes driving Attuko easier and avoids the inconvenience and risk of taking the wrong road at complicated intersections.

What to do on a self-drive camping trip? Explore the natural beauty of Huzhou with GACM

In addition, Attuko also supports L2 level assisted driving function, with 360° panoramic parking image, making driving and parking safer.

Write at the end

As an enterprise full of social responsibility, GAC Mitsubishi has never forgotten to shoulder social responsibility, with the most catering to the needs of the times, to carry out public welfare, from 2014, "the search for beauty journey" activities since its launch, has now gone eight years, to promote the economy of each beautiful township visited.

Now, in the survival of the Earth's environment is increasingly damaged, GAC Mitsubishi also took practical action to advocate low-carbon travel, appear in the cause of environmental protection, once again to carry the social responsibility, in the search for beauty of the trip to benefit participants.

Measure nature with the wheel and record beauty with the heart. GAC Mitsubishi's spirit of exploration has touched countless people. As this year's beauty hunt progresses, GAC Mitsubishi will continue to explore more beautiful places together with more camping enthusiasts and ecological public welfare volunteers.