What would happen if the Sahara desert became a grassland?

Did you think that turning the Sahara desert into a grassland would improve the ecology of the planet to a great extent? But incredibly, that would actually have catastrophic consequences for the entire ecosystem of the planet.

According to NASA research, dust from the Sahara desert is transported by wind across the Atlantic Ocean to the Amazon rainforest, thus depositing important minerals such as phosphorus, which is essential for the forest. These minerals from the Sahara Desert replenish the minerals lost in the rain and floods of the Amazon rainforest. Thus, the largest desert on earth is the source of life for the largest forest on earth!

What would happen if the Sahara desert became a grassland?

The sands of the Sahara desert nourish the Amazon rainforest.

If the Sahara desert becomes green, then the Amazon rainforest will lose its source of nutrients and minerals and will probably wither and die.

Deserts are like the Earth's recycling machines, where mineral-rich subsoil is brought to the surface and then dispersed around the planet by the wind.

So it's not a good idea to turn all deserts into green spaces, because deserts are as important a part of the ecosystem as forests.

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