What would happen if you fell into Neptune?

What would happen if you fell into Neptune?

As the eighth most distant planet from our solar system, Neptune has a mysterious and dark world on it. Because of its distance from the Sun, it was visited by Voyager II only in 1989 and returned the first close-up pictures of the Neptune system. The planet's atmosphere is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. But its beautiful color is due to the methane and other components in the upper part of its atmosphere, which absorb and reflect infrared light, making Neptune a huge and attractive blue planet.

People usually study Neptune through terrestrial telescopes, which means there are still many unanswered questions about the ice inside it, but thanks to data returned by the awesome Voyager II spacecraft, scientists on Earth are finally able to better understand the structure and composition of the icy giant. So let's put on a sci-fi space suit and dive right into this strange world to see what's hiding under Neptune's mysterious clouds! Since this task is impossible for any one person, let's assume that you have put on a special sci-fi space suit that will lead you to the planet's core and that the suit will protect you from harm when faced with some devastating conditions, such as extremely cold temperatures, deadly radiation and lack of oxygen, and tremendous pressure when falling towards Neptune.

What would happen if you fell into Neptune?

When falling, you will see incredible, huge storms hissing, and the speed of your descent is not much different than falling on Earth, because Neptune's gravity is only 40% stronger than our planet's. Because it's so far from the sun, almost no light reaches this distant planet in our solar system, like the dim twilight zone on Earth. First, you will pass through a high, white cirrus cloud layer made of methane ice crystals at 0.5 atmospheric pressure, a height about half the atmospheric pressure of Earth's sea level. It is extremely cold here, with temperatures dropping to minus 200 degrees Celsius. About 30 meters further down, you will enter a layer of ammonia and sulfur hydrides at an intensity of 5 atmospheres, where the clouds are moving faster than the speed of sound on Earth, as Neptune is experiencing the fastest winds in the solar system, with winds of up to 1500 mph.

But because of your superb sci-fi astronaut suit, you maintain a steady rate of continuous descent. Because of Neptune's thick cloud cover and distance from the sun, no light can penetrate that deep, and you'll find yourself in pitch-black cold solitude with a fierce cold wind wrapped around your helmet . After falling for a long time, you are 100 miles from Neptune, and the huge lightning bolt will illuminate the darkness around you, revealing a towering white cloud of ice that will cause rumbling thunderstorms. As you pass through this cloud, the atmospheric pressure will increase to roughly 50 and the temperature will be roughly 26 degrees Celsius. At this point you can use your high-tech science fiction helmet to see things around you. But when you emerge at the end of the ice cloud, you'll soon realize that the cloud is just an easy stage in your adventure.

What would happen if you fell into Neptune?

The pressure will become intense and the temperature spikes sharply to 1000°C. After sinking for a long time, you will be 4000 miles from Neptune, in the planet's mysterious mantle. There your equipment will have to withstand a pressure of more than 10,000 atmospheres and a constant rise in temperature of more than 4,000 degrees Celsius. This strange superheated layer consists of methane and ammonia ice that will turn into a hot, dense fluid under enormous pressure. Because of these low end pressures, carbon atoms may crystallize and form diamonds (diamantes). As you descend and get closer to Neptune's core, these diamonds will pour out around you like crystalline hail as they slowly sink through the mantle.

After sinking for a long time through the thick zone of such pressure and continuously rising temperatures, your adventure reaches the end of this several thousand mile journey and you will stand on the surface of the center of Neptune. The surface is roughly the same mass as Earth, made of ironstone and exotic ice, and may have an area of inlaid diamonds on the surface. You will then be trapped and unable to travel further or escape. You are destined to spend the rest of your life in such a hot environment, wearing that science fiction suit of yours, enduring temperatures of over 5,000 degrees Celsius and 7 million atmospheres of pressure.

And human exploration of Neptune, currently also mainly from NASA's Voyager 2 probe in 1989 when the flyby Neptune, and this deep space exploration also allows us to discover the southern pole of Neptune, there are two huge storms about 4500 km wide, that is, the two big black class of Neptune!

Their wind speed has far exceeded the speed of sound, 2,400 miles per hour hurricane than the strongest storm on Earth is ten times stronger, and more horrible is the size of this black spot is so large that it can fit the whole Earth, you dare to imagine the whole Earth are caught in the storm?

In 1981, astronomer Marvin Roth was shocked to discover that, due to the instability of methane molecules inside Neptune, carbon atoms would probably be pumped out in a high-pressure environment and form an overwhelming rain of diamonds, which means that this horrible Neptune is still a hellish paradise of the most dangerous and the richest.

What will happen if you suddenly fall into Neptune? Is the inside of Neptune an ocean? First of all, when you fall into the moment of Neptune, if you do not have a special space suit, you will be frozen into a popsicle, because in the sky above Neptune, is completely solid ice crystal cloud, where the temperature is below minus 200 degrees, but the touch is the whole village to eat.

Of course at the moment you are wearing 100 Bill Gates worth of space suits, so you can still arrogantly to the first Phoenix Dance nine days, and when you fall into Neptune ten minutes later, you will find that the surrounding sky suddenly became dark, your whole person seems to be in the abyss.

This is because Neptune as the farthest planet from the sun in the solar system, the light simply can not penetrate the millions of meters thick ice crystal clouds, and at this time the emotional quotient of almost zero thunderstorm climate is also around to make waves, huge lightning cuts through the sky, you will see on Earth can only rely on special effects of the rolling catastrophe.

At the same time around that faster than the speed of sound 1 times the hurricane, will also make your eardrums feel very powerful, because at this moment you have fallen into the most terrible of Neptune's big black spot, the place of cyclone power enough to easily kill 100 human civilization.

At the same time, as you continue to approach the interior of Neptune, you will find that the surrounding air pressure becomes more and more terrible, when you just enter Neptune, the atmospheric pressure is only 0.5 Earth pressure.

But now the value of atmospheric pressure has skyrocketed to 11 million atmospheres, which is 10,000 times more frightening than the water pressure in the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the Earth.

At this time in the air of Neptune carbon atoms will also be under the terrible pressure, is compressed into a few tens of tons of small diamonds, overwhelming rain of diamonds from the sky, and when you finally explore the bottom of Neptune, you will be in the 40 million times the atmospheric pressure, boring and lonely sitting in an endless sea of diamonds

What would happen if the Earth suddenly rained diamonds? Overnight riches or instant destruction?

What would happen if the Earth suddenly rained diamonds? First of all, in the moment of diamond rain, you must restrain your heart's impulse to get rich, and do not think of using the sack to catch, because each diamond falling from the sky, will be like a falling meteorite, with devastating killing power.

So the earth whether it is tall buildings or car windows will immediately explode, the original tall building will become a fixed target, directly by the diamond smashed a thousand holes, and human fragile body once hit by the diamond, is Hua Tuo in the world can only arrange for the village to eat, so in this period of the diamond rain, your life and travel will be greatly affected, everyone must wear dozens of layers of thick steel armor to be allowed to go out, and the original hands of the diamond businessmen will collectively declare bankruptcy, because the original noble diamond turned out to be and pebbles overnight general stone.

Even only by the ton to sell, and in the diamond rain stopped, with diamonds to build buildings and highways will become a new trend, everyone's home full of diamonds, and diamond rain is not just think, just 4.5 billion kilometers away from us in deep space.

What would happen if you fell into Neptune?What would happen if you fell into Neptune?

There is a blue planet that rains diamonds all year round, Neptune, which is due to the extremely horrible atmospheric pressure inside King Neptune, the carbon atoms in the methane gas will be forcibly compressed into tons of diamond fragments.

And it keeps falling from the sky and finally becomes an ocean of liquid diamonds bigger than 50 Earths, where diamonds are even cheaper than bricks, and if you propose with diamonds here, it's almost equivalent to proposing with bricks on Earth.