What you need to know about driving in Xinjiang

This year more and more people are joining the activities of self-driving and off-road adventure, especially on weekends and holidays with children and elderly self-driving more and more, self-driving in Xinjiang you have to know these things.

One, if you only go to charge the famous regular tourist attractions, whether you are driving a car or off-road vehicle, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive does not matter, because Xinjiang vigorously develop tourism for many years, the roads are very well built, just short of the highway into the tourist area!

What you need to know about driving in Xinjiang

Second, Xinjiang is vast and everyone knows, geography books in our childhood taught, but how big is the land, you know when driving from one place to another, sometimes driving a day not out of a county is not uncommon, so you have to do a good job of mental and physical preparation, do not always ask when to ah? How much longer ah? If someone asks, you will use the Xinjiang people's answer: immediately immediately (there are allusions here ah, want to know please browse my other articles). A car don't a few seats will be stuffed with a few people, squeezed to do a day body really can't stand ah, if you take the elderly children on the road must be more rest, stop rest must let everyone get off the activity, sitting for a long time the feet will swell.

Third, Xinjiang's food is very inclusive, basically friends from all over the country to Xinjiang can find a meal to suit their tastes, but the problem is that many places are deserted, mountain roads in the summer and prone to mudslides, so you have to have some food in the car, only for emergencies, local friends in Xinjiang drive out of the three necessary: naan, mineral water, shovel, foreign friends in Xinjiang can refer to.

What you need to know about driving in Xinjiang

Fourth, the car full of oil heart is not panic, do not have to wait until the fuel tank alarm and then find a gas station, because no oil stopped at the side of the road for help cars are common, so that delays their journey, and let the people in the car followed by suffering, but also have to beg grandparents to seek help is not cost-effective ah.

Five, self-drive travel before departure remember to remember to check the maintenance of the vehicle, to ensure that driving a car without problems, if unfortunately the car in the mountain road problems, and not before the village, after the store, the day and can not solve the problem of the car, the car of the elderly children better find a passing car to take to a nearby populated place for the night.

Six, the best driving tour with sleeping bags and tents, both to increase the sense of outdoor camping experience, but also in the middle of the night when you can not find a place to live, or still blocked in the road should be an emergency.

Seven, according to the type of vehicle and passengers in the car carefully choose a self-driving route, the elderly and children do not engage in crossing and adventure, and do not deep tour. In addition, the adventure tour is not as long as the four-wheel drive off-road vehicles on the line thing, but also need to have car skills and familiarity with the terrain, as well as a group of friends who understand the rescue and maintenance of heavy feelings. Do not have these conditions, adventure is to play with life. Outdoor off-road skills like martial arts examinations, is a simple to difficult practice process, is the quantitative change from practice to qualitative change process, really is not a cross-hearted out of the matter.

Eight, before the trip, please simply do a strategy, at least understand the local folk customs, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary disputes and trouble (I have written other articles, please refer to)

Nine, go out with the usual medicine, pay attention to sun protection, wear comfortable sports shoes these do not say much.