When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? This route will tell you the answer

When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? When is Xinjiang's cuisine at its richest? When is Xinjiang's landscape the most vibrant and dynamic?

If you ask me, what I will tell you is now.

Xinjiang, travel at the right time.

If I were given a ticket, I would fly to Xinjiang right now.

After arriving in Xinjiang, I will first go to Cocoto Sea to see the No. 3 mine pit; then go to Kanas to enjoy the three bays and one lake on the fish watching platform; Tianshan Tianchi, Turpan ...... These places are my destinations.

Choose this route, you will reap a completely different nine days northern border depth tour; choose this route, easy to go out, happy to go home; choose this route, affordable and quality together to bring home.

The most fearful thing is to rush, the most fearful thing is to travel to the attractions are redundant, we in order to give you the most comfortable journey, in order to let you experience the most considerate and thoughtful service, especially launched such a route planning is not at all compact line.

You are guaranteed to be happy, comfortable and enjoyable.

This is a route that is open to all regardless of age.

This is a travel route that will not be bothered by rushing in any way.

Choosing this itinerary is choosing a small loop of the Northern Territory that is best for you.

The trip begins with arrival in Urumqi from all over the country, and after a short rest you can start looking forward to the magic of the next day.

The shepherds of the Sea of Cocoa have long been waiting for the world-renowned gemstone feast to open. The third pit glistens in the sunlight, and Coco Suri becomes more and more mysterious and unpredictable.

After the summer solstice, the weather in Xinjiang are very good, the sun is bright at all times, all the hustle and bustle is already in place, it seems that only an opportunity is needed to ignite the most gorgeous fireworks.

Most of all, such dazzling and charming scenery can be expected here for a romantic mortal fireworks, lighting up the dull life with such intuitive splendor.

When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? This route will tell you the answer

Cocoto Sea and then go north is the land of the gods - Kanas, Kanas is undoubtedly the most beautiful scenery falling from the sky, such beautiful Kanas, three bay is surrounded by green trees closely, the lake of Kanas can always reflect the colorful vibrancy of the lake.

It is not just the lake and the mountains, not just the clear water and the green trees, and not just the ghostly work.

The beauty of Kanas is the convergence, the accommodation, and the exquisite uniqueness after the integration.

After seeing the three bays and one lake in Kanas, how can we not go to see the first village in the northwest - the village of Haomu?

The village will take you into the most reassuring world of people, and there is nothing better in the world than being at peace and ordinary.

When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? This route will tell you the answer

Every part of the village will make people feel happy, even if it is just a wooden board, even if it is just a corner of the eaves, even if it is a fine rain ticking, even if it is a corner and an inch of the village.

All of them can become the perfect earth in your heart.

If Kanas is a divine beauty, and Haomu is a perfect earth, then Devil City without the devil is a ghostly realm that can be felt and touched from heaven and earth.

The devil here is only heard but not seen, the wind here is entwined with the rocks to its heart's content, the rocks here are intimate with the grains of sand, and the grains of sand here have their own life emotions.

Wind silk mockery, everything has a spirit.

When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? This route will tell you the answer

Speaking of spirits, the most spiritual attraction in Xinjiang must be the mythical Yaochi, where the Queen Mother of the West once held a feast.

Tianchi in Tianshan Mountain is known as Yaochi in ancient times.

The story in the myth is nowhere to be found, and there is no way to find out whether the Queen Mother of the West is a memory or an imagination. However, the place where the myths and legends were born is still here.

Those imaginations that cannot be drowned by the years are also here.

When is the most beautiful time to travel in Xinjiang? This route will tell you the answer

In addition to the West Queen Mother's Yaochi, Xinjiang is also home to the Flaming Mountains of the Journey to the West.

The blazing fire has been extinguished by the four master and disciple, now the flame mountain only crimson rock walls jumping in sight, but the heat of the flame mountain does not diminish.

In summer, you can have fragrant baked eggs in the sand of the Flaming Hills in no time.

With the Guinness Book of Records thermometer is always in the record of the flame mountain temperature is really high how scary.

However, despite this, the Flaming Mountain still attracts Chinese and foreign tourists to visit and play here.