Why did Costco stop selling this popular dessert?

Why did Costco stop selling this popular dessert?
NOVATO, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 12: Customers enter at a Costco store on December 12, 2019 in Novato, California. Costco will report first quarter earnings today after the market close and is expected to beat analyst expectations. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Is this Costco popular dessert gone forever?

Walking through the Costco bakery, one popular dessert seems to be missing. For many people, parties, birthdays and sometimes just because moments have been celebrated with that warehouse store’s half sheet cake. Unfortunately that dessert has left the bakery.

According to various reports, the half sheet is no longer available in the bakery. While round cakes and other various desserts are available, the larger dessert option is gone. But why would Costco choose to remove this popular dessert?

For many people, the half sheet cake was a great value. Given the size, it could feed a large group. The value per slice was well worth the cost.

More importantly, those cakes were quite tasty. Whether you picked a vanilla cake with cheesecake filling, a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling or vice vice versa, everyone always wanted at least one bite.

Although the cake decorations were somewhat limited, many people learned to customize their own version. With a little bit of icing, anyone can decorate a plain sheet cake.

Given the popularity of the half sheet cake, why did Costco stop selling it? Cakes are still on the menu. It isn’t that people stopped buying dessert.

While the company isn’t commenting, it could be the current state of the world to right now. In most cases, large gatherings aren’t the best choice. Usually these cakes are served at bigger gatherings. It seems unlikely that a family will serve a half sheet cake at a family dinner.

If there isn’t as much of a call for the half sheet, then it isn’t in the company’s best interest to keep making it. Given Costco’s track record, they always seem to know what does and does not sell. Maybe there is a new food trend on the horizon.

So, many people will have to just fondly remember that half sheet cake from birthdays past. Maybe those cakes will return one day. Until then, try one of the other cakes in the bakery. It could become your new favorite.

What Costco item do you wish that the brand would bring back?