9 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Bar Of Soap In Every Room

Keeps A Bar Of Soap In Every Room

A bar of soap is a simple thing. But it can do so much more for you than clean your hands and body. Did you know that soap can serve specific uses in almost every room of your house? Following we want to introduce you to unique and clever ways you can use soap around the house. Whether it’s your bathroom or basement, you’ll want to stash soap bars everywhere after you’ve done the reading. That’s because this common item has more uses than you know.

Pretreat Stains

Stained clothes are a bother. You might just want to throw them out rather than deal with them. But you don’t have to. Rub a bar of soap on a stain before you wash it. And if you do it right, you’ll be wearing a stain-free shirt again.

Prevent Stray Paint Marks

Even if you tape your whole house up with painter’s tape, you’ll probably get a stray mark somewhere. It just happens. Maybe on the doorknob. Maybe on the window. Just rub the surfaces with a bar of soap before your paint. This will help make it so much easier to wash the paint off when you’re done.

Repel Pests

Soap can keep away many annoying bugs and pests. Just wrap a bar of soap in fabric, and it can fend off mice and moths. And if you’re looking to keep your garden free of pests, spray soapy water on the leaves of your plant. Deer are also a problem for gardeners. Hang a bar of soap outside, and it can keep deer at other mammals at bay.

Break in Shoes

A new pair of shoes look great, but they can be a terror on your toes and feet. Rub a bar of soap on the inside of your shoes to soften the material. It won’t damage your shoe, but it will make it more comfortable.

Clean Your Nails and Keep Them Fresh

If you’re about to do a messy chore – gardening, taking out the trash, working on the car – scratch a soap bar and get it under your nails. It’ll create a barrier to stop gunk and junk from getting under there as you work.

Create Your Own Toothpaste

You might have thought this was a punishment, but you can wash your mouth with soap and enjoy it. Find a chemical-free soap. Then rub it on your toothbrush and go to town on your teeth.

Stop Buying Liquid Soap

Soap bars are much cheaper than liquid soap – at least most of the time. And you can save money by creating your own liquid soap for the bathroom. Melt grated bars of soap and pour the mixture into a container. Now you’re ready to wash your hands.

Reduce Leg Cramps

If you leave a bar of soap under your bed sheets, it can reportedly help soothe pain and cramps in your legs. You’ve got to try this one yourself to see how it works. But Dr. Oz recommends a lavender-scented bar.

Quit Using WD-40

Soap can take the place of this chemical. Rub a bar of soap on stuck zippers, squeaky hinges and more.