Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options

We use to make our own overnight chia seed pudding and keep it in the fridge for the week (topped with chopped fruit) so we were skeptical at first and completely surprised how much we loved the convenience of Foodnerd’s Overnights Oats and Overnights Chia Pudding. Also, Foodnerd’s easy convenient pouches with flavors like Coconut Fig and Wild Blueberry Banana taste way better than our home version and are the only raw and sprouted overnight breakfast option on the market. They differ from other brands because they harvest the sprouts at the beginning of their growth phase maintaining highly concentrated and beneficial nutrients typically lost in traditional food processing.

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options

Recently, we Zoom’d with the owner/founder Sharon Cryan from Buffalo, NY who shared how her area often has high chronic diseases. She became fascinated with WHY and with what people were eating – discovering the importance of the gut-brain connection. “Gut health,” she exclaimed. “Think about how much better you feel when you eat better quality food.”

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options

After law school, Cryan dove into learning about raw and enzymatically active foods and at her law firm she realized many people had no time to prep healthy food so she started making these breakfast options for people at her firm. She realized how oat bars are heavily processed and most of the time the enzymes are cooked out. She wanted to create a product that maintains the nutrients, keeps its raw form, and that is easy, convenient, and affordable.

“You need enzymes. If they are killed off, your body has to work harder to digest.”

Foodnerd products are 95% raw, organic, non GMO, and include some wild superfoods. Foodnerd will be certified organic soon although the products used from distributors are already certified organic. Apparently, your satiation hormone shuts off due to the “sprouting” where the raw ingredients actually continue to sprout in the pouch and can last for a few days in the fridge.

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options

Sharon Cryan also conducts webinars for corporations on heart health and has been featured on podcasts. Her goal is to empower people to understand WHY. More products and flavors will be coming soon.

“The nutrients in our OverNights are more identifiable by the body, so they are more efficiently absorbed and utilized. We’re making a product our bodies will both need and love.”

Why we love Foodnerd’s Overnight Sprouted Oats and Chia Pudding

1. So easy to make. The night before pour 1 cup almond milk (or any milk) or less into the pouch, stick in the fridge, take out in the morning and eat in a bowl or the pouch. Add enhancements like cinnamon, coconut, dates, agave, dried fruits, or chopped fruit.

2. Super healthy. The only raw sprouted plant-based breakfast (some with wild superfoods) on the market that is a great source of fiber. Sprouted oats are also rich in Omega 3 fats and serve as an ideal plant- powered protein alternative. All fruits are dried in-house so the dried blueberries and bananas are the most nutrient-dense.

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options
We added dates, coconut, and cinnamon to top our Foodnerd Chia Seed Coconut Fig Pudding aka BREAKFAST.

3. Convenient – Eat in the car in the pouch, on a camping trip, or on a plane, especially now when you want to bring your own snacks during the COVID crisis.

4. Feel full fast, but in a good way. One pouch lasted me 3 breakfasts and one pouch shared with my husband lasted two breakfasts with our own cold-pressed juice.

5. The packaging is recyclable and reusable and Foodnerd is currently working to make the packaging biodegradable.

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options

6. Yummy flavors. The sprouted oats and chia pudding come in flavors like Cinnamon Apple , Coconut Fig, Wild Blueberry Banana, and Chocolate Goji Berry with more flavors coming soon.

7. You can turn the Wild Blueberry Banana oats into a pancake or two or even protein balls! The Chocolate Goji Berry can be used as a dessert by adding 2 Tbsp of maple syrup with strawberries on top.

“YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB! It all depends on what is done to the food.”

Try it. Use Code: Tasting15 for 15% off. Also, Foodnerd can be found on Amazon and soon retail stores. Learn more about healthy eating on their educational blog too.

Why We Love Foodnerd's Overnights Breakfast Options
Zoom call with the founder of FoodNerd based in Buffalo, NY.

A win for your body; a win for the planet!