Wife Takes 'Revenge' After Husband Tells Her to Put More 'Effort' Into Her Looks But People Are Divided

Wife Takes 'Revenge' After Husband Tells Her to Put More 'Effort' Into Her Looks But People Are Divided

In this time, where everyone is confined to their homes save to go to the grocery store or pick up a pizza, cultivating a "look" really isn't on the to-do list. Instead of getting dressed in our every day outfits, most of us are going for that comfy, no-makeup vibe, and truly it might be the only bright spot of 2020.

One woman on Reddit was fully committed to the #stayhome "uniform" until her husband made a snide comment. Now, she's kicked it up a notch.

"As of lately, I’ve been working from home and as a result I don’t wear makeup or do my hair and just chill around in my pjs all day," she began.

"My husband is also working from home and he likes to dress up how he would if he was actually going to work," she further explained. "I however find it pointless. Recently he’s been complaining about my lack of effort and keeps suggesting that I wear makeup and dress up and do my hair and stop looking messy all the time."

The wife was not happy about this little comment at all -- so she took matters into her own hands.

"This comment was uncalled for and rude specially since he said it in a very 'I’m not attracted to you anymore' tone," she wrote. "So as a result I started putting even less effort and looking messier."

While she says she does basic hygiene like take showers, she puts even less effort to her looks.

"I don’t wear makeup and I don’t dress up and he continues to throw hints like buying me a new dress as a gift."

Now she wants to know if she is wrong for "not wanting to do my makeup and dress up to sit at home and do nothing."

Readers were actually a little divided on whether or not she was in the wrong for actively making herself look worse.

"Dialing it to 11 is just a passive aggressive ploy," bluntly wrote one reader. "I get it, you don't have to wear makeup or dress up. I'm with you on that 100%. He's in the wrong for thinking that makeup or a dress is a necessity for being attractive as a woman. If he likes makeup so much, maybe he should wear it. Explain why the shift and maybe he'll understand that painting your face isn't pleasant, maybe your skin feels healthier when uncovered. Maybe he doesn't understand that your work clothes are uncomfortable. Women don't typically have well fitted suits like men do. I don't get the Barbie doll fantasy some people have about their partners."

But many other women had solidarity around her original choice not to wear makeup or get dressed up.

One person gave a detailed list of reasons why makeup is so annoying when you're not going anywhere particularly special:

"Makeup can be nice and make you look and feel good, but it's also [expletive] annoying. Your eye itches, or there's something (probably a flake of mascara or eyeliner) in it? Too bad, you're wearing eyeliner; just have to poke yourself strategically in the eyeball or blink really hard for 30 seconds until the itch fades away. Wanna rest your head on your hand for 5 seconds? Well, you better not be wearing blush or concealer or foundation, or you're gonna 'eff it up. Wanna wipe your mouth or drink anything? Better be prepared to smear lipstick all over your face, hand, and/or stain your cup/bottle/glass. And regardless of what makeup you're wearing, you better be prepared to spend at least 5 minutes putting it on and then a minimum of 5 minutes at the end of the day (or prior to going to sleep/taking a nap) wiping it all off anyway."

While some straight up denied she was doing anything wrong at all.

"This is the lowest form of pettiness, that doesn't actually affect him at all," one user wrote. "She's having showers and keeping up with general hygiene, so it's not like she's rubbing b.o armpits in his face. She just doesn't want to dress up and waste the time and energy on how she looks, and him commenting on it is unnecessarily rude. Doing your makeup and hair is such and effort and for what? If she's comfortable and happy she will be more productive. I would be pissed the [expletive] off if my wife asked me to dress up more or put on more makeup to work from home. Not to mention completely insulted."

But some held stead fast to the fact that the intention behind what she is doing is wrong.

"Communicate instead of being passive aggressive. I understand, I have a petty streak myself, but this breakdown in communication is dangerous territory to stay in. I hope y’all can reach an understanding, or agree to disagree but quit with the passive aggressiveness."

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