Wildflower photo contest

Wildflower photo contest
Wildflower photo contest
Wildflower photo contest

At the end of March, many started seeing beautiful pockets of color pop up in vast fields of green.

Now, after all the rain and sunshine, wildflowers are officially in full bloom. These gorgeous flowers truly are art in nature.

Drive down any highway in the Crossroads, and you’re bound to see them painting the landscape as you whiz by.

Thankfully, we have readers like these who take time to stop and smell the roses; well, in this case, wildflowers.

If you haven’t done so yet, we really do challenge you to take a walk or pull the car over – safely, of course – to get a view or photo of these natural beauties.

There’s something truly majestic about wildflowers. It makes the human connection all the greater, especially when you think about how our area’s ancestors saw the same blooms this time of year.

We really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photographs submitted for this contest.

We see each of these as gorgeous pieces of art as well.

Remember to take time and enjoy the nature around you.

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