Will Smith is back in a Porsche 911 as Mike Lowrey in "Bad Boys For Life"

The official trailer for "Bad Boys for Life" dropped Wednesday, and while the true headliners may be returning stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the third installment in the franchise includes another important returning figure: a Porsche 911.

In 1995's "Bad Boys," Smith's Mike Lowrey, a trust-fund kid turned Miami PD cop, rolled in a black 964-generation Porsche 911 Turbo. Stuttgart's finest took a back seat for 2003's "Bad Boys II," in which Lowrey, alongside Lawrence's Marcus Burnett, chases down ecstasy traffickers in a Ferrari.

In the opening seconds of the latest "Bad Boys" trailer shown above (take note, there is some not-safe-for-work language), we see that Lowrey is back in a 911. This one appears to be a 2020 992 S model, judging by the drilled brake rotors and red calipers (though as anybody who knows Porsche's extensive customization options will tell you, it could really be anything). The car is finished in Gentian Blue Metallic. If you ask us, the fact that it's not the available Miami Blue is a bit of a miss.

The "Bad Boys" franchise cars are more than just on-screen eye candy. "Bad Boys" and "Bad Boys II" director Michael Bay is a car guy who has included cars from his own collection in his films. The 964 Turbo used in "Bad Boys" was his personal car.

Will Smith is back in a Porsche 911 as Mike Lowrey in

Bad Boys 964

"The studio didn't want to rent a car and we didn't have the money to rent one. And Porsche didn't want to support the movie," Bay told Car and Driver in a 2014 interview.Â

The Ferrari 550 Maranello used in "Bad Boys II" also belonged to Bay, but eagle-eyed viewers will note that Lowrey's Ferrari pulls a bit of a switcheroo. In some scenes, it's Bay's 550. In others, it's actually a 575.

Back to the trailer. In two and a half minutes we are treated to the pithy banter that make the first movies so appealing, as well as plenty of gunplay and action. We'll have to wait until the movie premieres to see how it all fits together.

"Bad Boys for Life" hits theaters January 17, 2020.

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