Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

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I don't know when the VIVO X series has become the most anticipated domestic Android flagship in my mind in addition to the Huawei Mate series, especially its mega cup, which is the Pro+ version, because it is the only model in the domestic Android phone industry that can come up with some differentiating configurations (Zeiss T* coating, micro cloud Taiwan anti-shake, VIVO V1 chip, etc.).

Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

And according to the current more conclusive news, the new series of VIVO X series X80 series will be officially unveiled in April, so what is more worth saying about this series? This article will do a detailed summary.

1, this year's X series of oversized cup is not X80Pro + but X Note (normal screen state of the flagship)

This year, the X80 series, to be precise, the oversized cup of the X series is not X80Pro+ but X80 Note. X80 Note was actually allocated to the NEX product line a long time ago, which is rumored to be NEX5, but with the merger of the VIVO family product line, NEX was incorporated directly into the X series product line, and NEX 5 became X Note.

Among them, according to the current news, the X80 series may not have the X80Pro+ model, the future X series of top products want will be due to the X Note succession, so this article we will take the X Note as the focus of this article, because many people are running to the true flagship of the VIVO family.

2, X Note will be equipped with a 7-inch large screen, positioning similar to the once Huawei Mate.

X Note, according to the news that has been confirmed, will be equipped with a large 7-inch screen, which is one of the largest screen models released in the history of VIVO, just stuck in the 7-inch threshold, the specific size is unknown, but I think it will not be too thin and light.

3, X80Pro+, X Note and X Flod will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 processor, but it is Samsung's 4nm version, not TSMC's improved version.

Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

It has been basically confirmed that whether it is X80Pro+ or X Note and X Flod, its mega cup is using Snapdragon 8 processor, model SM8450, which is the same as the version on Xiaomi 12, and the SM8450 process is still Samsung 4nm process, and the improved version SM8475 with TSMC 4nm process needs to wait until the second half of this year before it will be officially commercialized.

I actually have some small disappointment, using Samsung's 4nm process Snapdragon 8, according to the current mainstream review data, is still a fire dragon core, and the energy efficiency ratio has not been particularly obvious improvement, but the GPU peak power consumption is more exaggerated to 12W, the chip, I do not have too high a good feeling, but on the contrary, MediaTek's Tiangui 9000 has a relatively high expectation value, but because of the MediaTek processor brand image problem, at this stage no one manufacturer dares to MediaTek's processor directly in their own high-end product line.

4, X Note in the rear camera design will be a big change, no significant changes in the front panel.

According to the news revealed by the war brother, VIVO X series of oversized cups in the rear camera design will use a round module on the left + external oversized matrix design scheme, four cameras are square symmetrical arrangement, no surprise is the design style shown below, X Note and X Flod in the back of the design should be unified, as shown below, this appearance is basically determined.

Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

As for the design on the front, it basically follows the most mainstream design language - centered single-hole curved screen, which is not much doubt.

5, X Note will use 5000 mAh + 80W battery fast charging solution.

It has been confirmed that the X Note will have a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, the largest in the X series. As for the fast charging, it is also upgraded to 80W, and the charging speed will be more significantly improved compared to the 55W fast charging in the X70Pro+ era, and the large 5000 mAh battery also brings a more secure battery life performance. Charging speed chart shown below (from Panda very bald), basically can be compressed to about 30 minutes.

Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

6, X Note will be equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition that made a splash on IQOO 9Pro.

The biggest regret on the X70Pro+ is not to use the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, because this configuration for the experience is very huge, and in the X Note will not let this regret continue, according to more reliable information, the X Note will be equipped with a large area of ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, unlocking experience is excellent.

7, X Note will be expected to use a new CMOS sensor, larger than the Samsung GN1.

Samsung GN1 in VIVO cell phones have been spare three generations, although his performance is not weak, after all, also has 1/1.3 inches of light-sensitive area, but has some aesthetic fatigue, so in the X Note, VIVO is expected to change a larger CMOS sensor, you can look forward to a wave. And XNote will also be used Zeiss T * coating, VIVO V1 chip (V2 chip) and other configurations, image performance is still the ceiling level, which can be assured.

Will the much-anticipated VIVO X series mega cup preview be a veritable new flagship?

8, 2K E5 LTPO2.0 is inevitable.

As a blue factory flagship, the top screen is naturally less, but there is nothing special, the average level of this year's flagship.

9、Support waterproof.

XNote is water resistant, as to whether it is IP68 still need to wait for further determination. (Because IP68 is required to go through the certification process)

10、Peripheral configuration is available.

You can think of the configuration XNote have, dual speakers, large X-axis linear motor, infrared, NFC and so on and so forth, at this stage VIVO in the stack of materials is a great.

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