With This Awesome Way To Skin A Watermelon You Can Impress Anybody And Everybody

Summer is a happy time with all the family gatherings, picnics, outings, barbecues and not to forget those luscious juicy water melons. Whether you are going to a friend’s party or inviting people over, we are going to tell you a little trick to impress one and all. This is a simply party trick to skin a water melon and place it into another one.

This trick is great if you perform it with children around you or teach them how to do it. Children always love learning and witnessing newer and innovative techniques. So when you have a watermelon, just don’t let go of this opportunity to create an impeccable impression in front of your loved ones.

To do this, you will need two watermelons of almost the same size and shape. Take one watermelon at a time. Pick up the first one and start removing its skin, just like you would do with a pineapple. Use a good sharp knife.

Remove the white parts by using the knife again and if you are wondering how to get that beautiful smooth finishing, then it is simple. Use a brand new dish scrubbing pad and sand down the fruit until you get a perfect smooth finish. The work with the first watermelon is complete. Proceed to the second melon now.

Take the second water melon, cut it in two equal halves and remove the red, fruity part of it using a knife. You have to remove all the red part so that only the hollow skin of the water melon remains. Scrape the insides of this second water melon so that no pinks can be seen.

Do it with both the halves. After both the halves are completely scraped off and ready the only things that needs to be done is fitting.

Try to fit the skinned, whole red water melon into the scraped off two halves of the melon. You may have to do a bit of scraping, here and there, so that the two perfectly fit with each other. Once they fit perfectly you can place it in the refrigerator and take it along with you at the time of the party.