Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'

Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'
Kayley Powell and John Steward outside court (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

A woman was seen performing a sex act with an ex-policeman 35 years her senior in a car outside a primary school at pick-up time, a court heard.

Kayley Powell and John Steward were allegedly in a parked vehicle outside Springhead Infant and Nursery School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, at 2.50pm in February.

The head teacher tapped on the window after being alerted by a parent.

Steward suddenly jumped back into the passenger seat as they both said "We are doing nothing" in unison, the court heard.

The 62-year-old was then seen to be 'visibly shaking' whilst smoking a cigarette as Powell told a pastoral care worker: ''If anything has been going on I am 27. I'm an adult.'', it is alleged.

Powell, now 28, and Steward, now 63, both from Oldham deny outraging public decency, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'
Kayley Powell is accused of having sexual relations with ex-policeman John Steward outside a school (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Melanie Montgomery who was maternity leave from her job at the before and after school club, said she about to pick her son from classes when she noticed Powell and Steward in a nearby car.

She told the jury: "I saw a gentleman and he was moving his arm quite fast and it was obvious that it was between the girls legs.

"She was on the drivers side and he was on the passengers side, they were parked behind me and I was using the rear view mirror to see them.

''His head was back but her body was moving. It was as if she was asleep. She just wasn't moving but his hand was making her move.

"They didn't stop until someone walked past, I kept looking away and I rang my partner.

"My concern also was for the lady she just looked out of it, dead, it was really, really strange. I went down to the school and I reported it to reception.

"My concern was for the lady because I didn't know if she had been drugged or something.

"The fact that it was outside a school as well, it was just horrible and disgusting."

Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'
John Steward jumped back into the passenger's seat when they were caught, a court heard (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

"Even though I couldn't see where his hand was going I knew what they were up to.

"I was confused because if she was out of it how could she drive, but she could have taken something after she'd driven.

Headmistress Gillian Kay said: "I saw Mel who works at the school and she looked visibly upset. I asked if she was alright and she said 'no'."

"She said 'I have just seen someone doing a sex act'. She was shaking and she was on the verge of tears. She is usually a very composed person so I could tell she was really upset."

Mrs Kay said she then went to see the car for herself.

She said: "I couldn't see anybody in the driver's side but in the passenger side I could see the back of a person and as I approached a lot closer I could see that there was a male leaning over the passenger side.

"I couldn't see anybody's faces but I could see the back of a head and the arms were underneath the body.

''I could see some flesh in the middle but I couldn't work out if the tee-shirt had come off but I could see quite a bit of the males mid riff.

"I can only describe it as rocking there was a little bit of movement, moving backwards and forwards, it was like a sort of movement on top of somebody.

"This person appeared to be horizontal, the seats were reclined so at this point I have no knowledge of these people, there was still the rocking movement - he was grinding and thrutching.

"I knocked on the window and made a signal to wind the window down and the person jumped back onto the passenger side. It was a man and didn't think he had any idea I was there.

"I asked them what they were doing and they both in unison said: 'we are doing nothing.'

Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'
The pair say he was leaning over her to release a mechanism for the back seat (Image: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

"I asked Kayley if she was alright, because of what I had seen and I was a bit concerned for her - but she said: 'yes.' I

" asked her who the gentleman was sat next to her and she said: 'It's my dad' so I turned to him and I said: 'Are you Kayley's dad? And he said: 'Yes I am.'

''I said that somebody has been down to school and said that something inappropriate is going on in the car and from what I have just seen approaching the car I believe that to be true.

''It was quite shocking actually to think that somebody would carry out an act on the road.

"Both adults were carrying out something in the car that they shouldn't have been.

"I couldn't comment what was going on between the two bodies as I could only see the back not the front.

''But it looked like they were having sex, doing something between both of them using their genitals, because that is the area that was moving at the time.

"I saw the male's hands were in the groin area of the other person.''

Woman, 27, and ex policeman, 62, 'performed sex act in car outside primary school'
Springhead Infant and Nursery school Springhead, Oldham (Image: Cavendish Press)

Stacey Thomas, a pastoral care worker, said: ''Kayley just said 'there was nothing going on. Anyway if anything has been going on I am 27 I'm an adult.'

"So I just asked what had gone on and she said: '' I was lying down in the car with my eyes shut'.

"So I asked Kayley if she was tired or if he was asleep.

"She answered no she wasn't asleep, she was resting her eyes, and then she just said she would know if something was happening.

"She then said: ''Nothing has happened - if this was a police station they would have let me go by now.''

"I did notice that her underwear was on show over the top of her pants. She was agitated."

Maureen Garlick, who was collecting her grandchild, told the jury: “I thought it was incredible that this should be happening outside a primary school at the end of a school day where there would be children around.

“There is always a lot of cars on that side of the road at 2.55pm - there is a lot of people about it starts to get busy at about 10 past.

"They were sat in the front of the vehicle and I was sat there watching the movement.

“It struck me why it was rocking maybe about five minutes when I suspected there was something not quite right about that rocking.

"It stopped when people were coming from his left side presumably they were in his site. I walked very slowly past the car I assume they didn’t see me or didn’t see the need to stop. I couldn’t believe anybody would do that.

“The people that were passing were coming happened to go in front of their car.

"I am sure her feet were not on the dash board because his hand was down her trousers and I am sure that is not possible.''

The trial continues.