Woman Discovers Fiancé Secretly 'Inseminated' His Best Friend & It Gets so Much Worse

Woman Discovers Fiancé Secretly 'Inseminated' His Best Friend & It Gets so Much Worse

There are secrets you keep from your partner from time to time that are better left unsaid -- like the fact that you can't stand your MIL. And then there are secrets you keep from your partner that might actually be relationship-ending. A woman on Reddit recently shared a story that falls into that second category -- except the secret in question wasn't hers, it was her fiancé's; and learning it has shattered her world.

It all started over a year ago, when the poster says she started a new job where she worked with a woman, who she renamed Meghan, for her anonymous post.

She wasn't particularly fond of Meghan, but after going out for drinks one night, Meghan introduced her to her childhood best friend, Peter -- who she clicked with instantly.

The pair started dating, and fast-forward one year, they're now engaged. But in the last 12 months, there's been some awkwardness with Meghan, who started to grow jealous of the poster's relationship with Peter.

"Little did I know Meghan was getting very very upset with me this whole time as Peter was spending less time with her," she wrote. "It devolved into her being very rude to me at work and while she isn’t in a position that I report to she is still above me and was able to make my life harder wherever she could."

Peter would still hang out with Meghan, claiming that she was "emotionally unstable" and "insisted it was because he didn’t want to be 'on her suicide note' as the reasons she killed herself."

So the writer made an effort to keep her distance from Meghan at work as her relationship with Peter blossomed over the last year.

But recently, after bumping into Meghan at work, the poster got some shocking news she definitely was not expecting.

After not seeing Meghan around for a while, she suddenly saw her at work -- where Meghan casually mentioned that she was pregnant.

Three months along, in fact.

Now, this would normally be happy news to hear, from pretty much anyone, though it did strike the poster as weird, considering Meghan wasn't dating anyone to her knowledge.

And that's when the sucker punch came.

After congratulating her, the poster says Meghan then went on to "mention how nice it was of Peter to donate for her insemination."


"I start sweating and fidgeting," the poster continued, but "I kept my cool as well as I could and continued to have the usual conversation with her."

(Honestly, I have no idea how she managed to keep her cool through all that.)

"Once she left, I ran to the bathroom and threw up then ran to my car and cried," she wrote. "I felt so embarrassed and shitty so fast."

Talk about a roller-coaster of emotions!

"Now I’m sitting in the driveway typing this and I don’t know if he’s inside," she continued.

"I honestly don’t know what I’d say to him I really hope this is just a sick joke. If he did this I don’t know if I could still be with him."


I seriously do not envy this girl. I mean, can you imagine learning your fiance did this -- just months earlier -- without your knowledge?

Many users urged her to talk to her boyfriend before she makes any rash decisions.

And some time later, she updated that she had.

According to her post:

"I talked to him over the phone and he won’t deny it. He keeps saying, 'Just come home,' and that he needs to talk to me in person. He said 'it’s dumb to do this over the phone' I’m with my sister right now and WE are going over to my place in an hour. For now I need some time to relax. I’m really f*cking scared about what he’ll say but I’m just trying to prepare for it mentally. My sister is LIVID and I’m not sure if I should go in with her but honestly he’s acting weird and I don’t want to be in a room alone with him."

His refusal to outright deny the claims are ultimately what have left her feeling like the story is true, which is ... a lot to deal with.

In another update, she thanked people for their support, and said she decided to take a drive and think since "I just can’t see his face right now."

"I’ve never known Meghan to lie, but I never even considered it," she continued. "Somehow the way she said it made me believe it instantly. Idk if I’m being paranoid but some things about my fiancé I wouldn’t like to admit came to mind and he has a questionable set or morals."

(Hmmm ... interested to know what she means about that.)

It's at this point where things started to get even more uncomfortable.

"Apparently, he saw me pull in through our window and he’s now called me 6 times since I left," she continued. "This is not how he’d usually react and is scaring me even more. We never are near the window and he’s not one to call more than once without texting. I have the sneaking suspicion he was waiting for me. I think HE KNEW that I knew."

Redditors were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what became of this story.

It's hard to believe the boyfriend isn't guilty here, if he hasn't yet come out denying it -- but whether there will be some sort of understandable explanation will be interesting to see.

For now, Redditors are anxiously refreshing the the thread, and encouraging her to stay positive.

But a third update revealed an even bigger bombshell than anyone expected ...

In it, the 21-year-old shares that she finally went over to her fiance's apartment to talk, but brought her sister, which seemed to anger him.

It's at this point that she admits some cold hard truths about Peter she wasn't totally coming clean with before. For starters, he's kind of a self-obsessed jerk.

"It’s hard to admit for me but my relationship with Peter has been sort of a sham," she writes. "Through conversations with my sister I’ve come to the realization that I don’t value myself enough and don’t give myself what I deserve, and this is most evident through Peter."

On the surface, she says, Peter is "a good-looking guy with a good job and he’s always making people laugh." But behind closed doors? It's a very different story.

"He’s self destructive mean and somewhat abusive," she explains, adding that he often slaps her hand or hits her in the back of the head when he's frustrated.

But if that wasn't enough, here's another reason she needs to kick him to the curb: He admitted to cheating on her FOUR TIMES.

All of which were while the poster was dealing with the death of her mother.

I mean, WTF, MAN?!

"It hurt really f*cking bad and while we were talking," the poster continued. "I kind of just slowly fell into silence while my sister and him argued back and forth."

In the end, this wasn't a case of some impromptu sperm donation to a friend -- it was the result of him cheating on her behind her back. (Which, now that we know all the facts, makes way more sense.)

Even crazier?

"When [Meghan] told him she was pregnant he said he 'didn’t think she was serious,'" the poster said, "but I think that’s a lie."

Uh, yeah -- me too.

Sadly, the update ends with her admitting she's "never felt less confident" in her life, but that she's ultimately seen the light.

"I need to stop letting people live my life for me," she writes. "I’m typing this from my sister's house and I’ve DECIDED this is where I’m gonna stay until my lease is up and then I’m going to go get my things from my apartment."


Sigh. Here's hoping Peter gets what he deserves for being such a Grade-A jerk.