Woman Evicted From Home Of 41 Years After 'Row About The Electrics'

Linda Lowe has been evicted by Stoke-on-Trent City Council

A pensioner has been kicked out of the council flat she has lived in for 41 years after a row about the electronics.

Linda Lowe was evicted from the flat in Hanley when she lost a court battle with Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

The 68-year-old was taken to court after the council claimed she refused to let workmen into her home to carry out work in July 2017, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports .

But Linda denies this and says she allowed staff from repairs company Kier Stoke into her flat to carry out the work.

Linda said: "I'm 68 and I've had no help from the council.

"They've been trying to evict me since July last year because they said I didn't let workmen from Kier in to fix an electrical fault.

"But I did let them in. I had to move out of my flat for two weeks while the workmen fixed my electrics as it wasn't safe and they said it would be quicker if I moved out. I had to stay with my mum for a bit and in a hotel.

"I've lived here for 41 years and I'm absolutely disgusted. I've been treated disgracefully. This should not have happened."

Linda Lowe has been evicted from Lindop Court, in Hanley

Stoke Sentinel / BPM Media

Linda says she has been offered support from Voices who help people with multiple needs.

Linda added: "The council has been vile. It has treated me like a piece of dirt. They've evicted me and I've been left with nowhere to go.

"I can't go to my mum's house because I can't get up her stairs. My mum's 97 and she was breaking her heart crying on the phone to me when I told her I'd been evicted.

"The Lindop Court flats are really dangerous, the lift doesn't work properly and it is full of drug addicts - but they kick me out!"

Linda Lowe has been evicted from Lindop Court, in Hanley

Stoke Sentinel / BPM Media

Neighbours have backed Linda's council fight.

Chris Convey, aged 51, who has lived at Lindop Court for four years, said: "It sucks. I don't think the council should have done this. There are better ways to deal with this than kicking her out."

Council officials have defended their court action.

Councillor Randy Conteh, cabinet member for housing, said: "It is with regret that we have had to take this action. Any legal action is always a last resort when all other means of working with the tenant have been exhausted.

"It is ultimately the decision of the court to evict the tenant, and this case follows continued breaches of conditions previously set by the court. In this case the tenant has unfortunately repeatedly chosen to not work with us. This case has a long history, and it is not appropriate to talk about individual details.

"We are able to work with people who are made homeless, in certain cases to provide temporary accommodation. In this case, the tenant has for the time being decided not to accept this, and we understand she has sought accommodation elsewhere."