Woman Thought She'd Met The Perfect Man - Until One Text Message Destroyed Everything

Woman Thought She'd Met The Perfect Man - Until One Text Message Destroyed Everything
One text message destroyed Julia's holiday romance (Image: theroamingflamingo/Instagram)

When it comes to finding love, we're all bound to kiss a few frogs along the way.

Sometimes it's easy to work out which people are right for you, and which will leave you in tears, but other times you get so swept up in the romance you never see trouble coming until it's too late.

This is the situation a young woman named Julia D’Orazio found herself in during a trip to Portugal, where she fell headfirst for a man she met in a park.

Julia thought she'd met her ideal man (stock photo) (Image: Taxi)

The travel writer from Perth, Australia, recently opened up about her unfortunate holiday romance for Whimn.com.au.

Her story begins in a park, where she was sat alone on a bench, writing in her diary - Bridget Jones, eat your heart out.

She said: "I looked up and spotted him - a tall, dark and handsome man with a gorgeous head of curls, looking completely lost in a suit complete with tailcoat.

"I was smitten."

As luck would have it, the handsome man ended up sitting down opposite Julia, so she decided to make the first move and plucked up the courage to talk to him.

She soon discovered that he was an actor, taking part in an immersive play around Lisbon.

They chatted some more and when it came time to leave, the man offered her his number - which she declined.

Instead she gave him her number and told him to call her.

Julia says they were "lovebirds" in Lisbon (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

This kickstarted their relationship and for the next few weeks Julia says they were like "lovebirds".

"For the next few weeks, we were lovebirds in Lisbon," she admitted. "I was completely caught off-guard. Here I was, infatuated with this man and this city, both of which were taking over my heart.

"After a string of dates that included going to jazz bars, upmarket dinners and lounging along the shores of the river, it all seemed to be smooth sailing to couplesville."

At this point, Julia began considering making her stay in Portugal permanent so they could continue their relationship.

Woman Thought She'd Met The Perfect Man - Until One Text Message Destroyed Everything
Julia began considering making her stay in Portugal permanent (Image: theroamingflamingo/Instagram)

But she soon discovered that the man she was seeing had other ideas.

"I told him we needed to have a conversation about where we were headed," she explained. "Over the phone, we had agreed to spend a romantic day together before I was due to depart Lisbon."

In preparation for their special date, Julia says she had an "Anne Hathaway-type Princess Diaries makeover" - she got her hair done, put on a full face of makeup and donned a pretty dress.

She was ready and raring to go when she checked her phone to find out where they were meeting.

But one text message ruined everything (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/beyond fotomedia RF)

But the message she saw there caused her heart to sink.

It read: "Something happened last night with an actress that I work with. I couldn't avoid. It's better not to see each other. I think I'm in love. Can I call in a couple of hours?"

Julia couldn't believe her eyes.

"I reread and reread the message," she said. "I tried calling him, but no answer.

"I felt defeated. I felt like my world as I had know it for the past few weeks had been crushed and by someone that I had just opened my heart to."

She went on to drown her sorrows that night and left Lisbon the next day nursing a killer hangover.

Despite her broken heart, the experience taught Julia a lot - including that she deserves better.

She added: "Unfortunately my Hollywood romcom turned out to be a short film instead. About a foolish man that has since tried to make contact with me.

"I declined because this love story doesn't deserve a sequel and if it did, it would be the type you just know is going straight to DVD."

You can follow more of Julia's adventures at theroamingflamingo.com