Would You Try These Creative Twists On Nissin Cup Noodles?

Who else remembers craving a late night snack and opening up a pack of Nissin Cup Noodles to satisfy your tummy? Well, get ready to see (and possibly taste) them like never before with these three creative twists on your classic Cup Noodle!

1. Carne Asada Cup Noodles

creative twists on the original Nissin Cup Noodles

These Carne Asada Cup Noodles were created by popular taco and burrito stop Cali Tacos in Orange, CA. They're topped with carne asada, cheddar cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, and Cali Taco's signature sauce.

2. Clam Chowder Cup Noodle

creative twists on the original Nissin Cup Noodles

Available for a limited time at Shuck Oyster Bar in Costa Mesa, CA. This Clam Chowder Cup Noodle has a mixture of Thai green curry powder, coconut milk, diced cooked potatoes, and chopped clams (among other ingredients). They're then topped with a mini baguette, Thai basil, cilantro, and a fresh Littleneck clam.

3. Katsu Burger Cup Noodle

creative twists on the original Nissin Cup Noodles

The Katsu Burger Cup Noodle is created by a Seattle restaurant Katsu Burger and are available for a limited time. Based on their popular Mt.Fuji Burger, this cup features two fried noodle patties made with the Cup Noodles, cheddar cheese, chicken katsu, shredded cabbage, bacon, fried egg, and lots of cheese. It's also topped off with spicy mayo, pickle, and eggplant.

The variations were created in collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles and there are plenty of additional restaurants who dove to the challenge of re-inventing the classic cup noodle with their own creative twist. Personally, I'm not too big a fan of them, but they look interesting enough so I'll definitely have to try them the next chance I get to really experience this foodie phenomenon. Would you try any (or all!) of these creative twists on the original Nissin Cup Noodle? Let me know in the comments below!

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