Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

Xiaomi is not only a breakthrough in the image, in other details also have a breakthrough, these 3 "hardcore" function, you have gone to use?

Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

MIUI Optimization

It can effectively avoid phone lagging phenomenon, let the original in the negative optimization stage of the phone, easy to reduce the burden, equivalent to "thin". It is one of the most negligible features of MIUI so far, except for memory expansion.

It is hidden deeper, you need to call out the "Developer Mode" yourself, slide to the end to find "MIUI Optimization", at this time, turn it on and you have finished setting.

Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

Little Love Call

It can effectively avoid the phenomenon of "social fear" and reject all unfamiliar calls. In our lives, we often receive calls that we don't want to answer. If we turn on "Love Call", it will help us to alleviate this situation.

Through the actual test, you can find that the other party often hear the "love" voice, usually silent, or be mad, looking particularly funny.

In the process of answering "Xiaoyi Call", I found that in addition to the "Xiaoyi Help Me Back" mode, there is also the "I'm typing back" mode. Compared to the "Xiao Ai help me back" mode, this mode is relatively simple, is to convey their words to each other through Xiao Ai. Of course, no matter which mode is used, the mood on the other end of the phone is definitely not very good. This move is called "defeat magic with magic"!

Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

Don't underestimate "Little Love Call", after the call ends, voice and text communication will be recorded and retained. You can also customize your own common opening words, you can say that this mode is quite Nice.

Free Window

It can be interpreted as a "small window", which is somewhat similar to the split screen, but different. Although both of them can display two modules, the usefulness of "small window" is much more than split screen.

Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

Suppose in the split screen window, you need to share the image and text content, and you can't directly drag and drop them at random. The small window is different, it can directly drag the picture to the place where it needs to be shared. Here, I have tested it specifically in Xiaomi Notes, and it is indeed very good.

Xiaomi these 3 "hardcore" function, you learned?

In addition to these features, there are many other MIUI features that are worth exploring, like magic keying, magic sky change, ID photos, flares and a host of other features that are more hardcore. To sum up, have you learned it?

MIUI after years of technology stacking, has become a domestic reputation for the most successful customization of Android domestic UI. especially now MIUI 14, through continuous optimization, streamlining, smoothness, silky smooth degree, has not been inferior to IOS, of course, from beyond, still need to work slowly!