Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

In my westbound self-drive travel road book, there are 7 must-travel roads planned in advance, in the order of walking, the Dokku Highway is the 5th must-travel road I have walked, but also the most mesmerizing and mind-blowing road for me.

In the words of the following photo, walking across the Dokku Highway.

Crossing is not only the road of heroes, but also the shock and conquest of the mind.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

After walking this road, experiencing its winding and twisting, unique and difficult, magnificent and soft, understanding its history and origin, looking back, only to more deeply appreciate and praise this statement.

So, put these two photos, at the beginning of the article, to open it, to highlight it, to commemorate it ~~.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

However, in the order of going, it is also possible to put them in front: I entered the border from Huatugou in Manya, entered the northern border from the southern border, and went from Kuche to Dushanzi, that is to say, I took the Dukku Highway backwards.

So, let's start from the beginning.

The end is my starting point ~~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Monument at the end of Dokku Highway - Kucha realm.

First, let me share with my readers, looking back at the mood of the dream journey.

Memories that are happy ......

(Pre-organized seventeen Duku Highway scenery video, interested friends can go to my home page to see the small video yo [cute])

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Repeat the words from the photo.

Dokku highway winding dance, such as a when the sky colorful train, in the sublime mountains and hills circling, in the snow-capped mountains on the darshan over, in the snow-capped canyons winding, in the alpine grassland through, is a world's top scenery of the north and south of the border through the road, known as "China's most beautiful and dangerous highway" ......

Gathering the Gobi, snowy peaks, glaciers, lakes, forests, grasslands, canyons and other stunning scenery of Xinjiang ......

So, let's go~~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

National Highway 217, the section from Dushanzi to Kuche, known as: Dukku Highway.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

First, look up to the sky with the view on the Duku Highway ......

It is easy to feel the vicissitudes of the landscape.

no one has seen the past

no one will be seen afterwards.

Remembering the longevity of heaven and earth.

I am alone in tears ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The attractions along the Dokku Highway, the realm of Kucha, or the geological scenery of the southern border.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Take a picture of my car with this mountain, this cloud and this blue sky.

The ancients had to ride horses and camels to cross the West, but modern people, driving a car car and navigating the world, at this point, what a blessing.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The abrupt earthen cliff by the roadside.

Herein lies the beauty of Xinjiang: the often abrupt beauty of the landscape.

Although the plain is true, but the sudden beauty will bring delight, just like everyone's life long river, splashing waves: years of water-like flow, those large or small waves, jumping inside, become the most nourishing ecstasy for our hearts, so that a unique soul, in their own spiritual world, shoots green, birds and flowers ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Still the address scenery ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The mysterious Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains - Kucha Realm.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Park your car at the entrance parking lot and walk across.

Deep, dark, profound ......

Frankly speaking, I don't like this kind of no sunlight, dark and deep location.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Dalongchi - Kucha realm.

See the green of Dalong Pond, a pool of blue water reflecting the mountains of heaven.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Heart Road to Tianshan ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

There was a sign on the side of the road, indicating that we had arrived at "Shan Yang Lin Scenic Area". I think this is it.

There are many signs on the Dokku Highway indicating places of interest and spots to stop and take pictures, so if you pay a little attention, you will not miss the main scenery.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The Dokku Highway is a journey through the Tianshan Mountains, climbing all the way up the mountain ......

Xinjiang driving is more of this kind of mountain roads, through the mountains, walking on the cliffs.

Xinjiang Duku Highway ChronicleXinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Tielimati Tunnel - Kuche Realm.

Arriving here also means going over the first darshan at the Kuche end of the Dokku Highway.

This is the intersection of National Highway 217 (Dokku Highway) and the main ridge of the Central Tianshan Mountains, the Khalktiu Mountains.

The Khalktiu Mountain is the border mountain between the Ili Basin in the north and the Aksu region in the south.

Tilibaiti Darshan, 3200 meters above sea level, is the boundary mountain between North and South Xinjiang. Over this boundary mountain, it is not far from the warm and humid Ili Prefecture.

Xinjiang Duku Highway ChronicleXinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Bayinbruck Grassland - Hejing County.

The scenery is completely different, right? The sky is blue and green, the water and grass are abundant and beautiful, and it is an alpine basin in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains, the second largest grassland in China, and the largest alpine grassland in China ~~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Hahaha, leave a footprint ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Look at the white clouds in the sky, look at the road leading far away ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

What kind of word does this look like?

Made in heaven, right? It's not far from the side of the Nine Bends.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The highlight of Bayinbruck scenic spot, come to Jiuzhangwu to see the sunset ~

It is said to be able to shoot nine suns, anyway, I can not shoot nor see wood [laughs].

However, to find a place where there are few people, quietly look at the nine curves, look at the sunset far away from the sky for a while, unconsciously, a trace of sadness and frustration hit the heart ......

It's another kind of disappointment and tears.

How many times in life, how many tears shed and swallowed back ah.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

This photo was taken at 9:20 p.m. Because of the time difference in Xinjiang, the darkness is later than inland, and the temperature difference at night is large, so you must bring a warm clothing to see the sunset. Because into the scenic area after the purchase of tickets, to take a one-way 45 km interval car, and then reverse a 2 km interval car to the nine curves and 18 bends attractions, back very late.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Ha, a trip here ~ ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

After seeing the nine curves and eighteen bends, I did not do the 2 km interval bus and walked slowly all the way back to the scenic bus parking spot.

The twilight gradually rose, along the winding path, the roadside wildflowers swaying, the sky afterglow like blood, horses quietly grazing, geese flying in pairs, a good pale and soft grassland scenery ......

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

The free herd of cattle on the Dokku Highway, how happy they are compared with the cattle and sheep in the mainland.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

It should be said that the toughest part of the Dokku Highway that I took was the section from Bayinbruck to Narathi. When I walked to this place, the mountains were high and windy, and I was quite uncomfortable.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Why is it rather hard to bear?

As I said before, from Jiuqu Eighteen Bends to Bayinbruck Scenic Area Visitor Center, a one-way trip to 45 kilometers, after watching the sunset of Jiuqu Eighteen Bends are almost 10:00 pm, and then take the bus back, it is almost 12:00 pm.

Tired, sleepy and hungry, so, directly in the visitor center parking lot car overnight. The back seats of the car can be put down, I also brought a simple luggage beforehand, in case you can't find a place to stay during the peak season of the scenic spot.

This is the 2nd time for Xinjiang tour to spend the night in the car, the first time was in Taxian Visitor Center Square. The temperature at night in Bayinbruck was very low, and my luggage was not enough to resist the cold of the night, so I seemed to sleep all night.

In the morning, I got up to go to the visitor center to pick up some hot water to make a big bowl of noodles, but as a result, the trip code can not open, can not open can not enter, I had no choice but to go on the road with an empty stomach.

You know, last night in the middle of the night, and two meals did not eat, and, I also gastroenteritis diarrhea!

Moreover, to go to Narathi, the pan mountain road are walking on the outer side of the cliff that side, extra fearful feeling, physical weakness, it seems that the essence is not enough, very tormented ......

Thinking of my string ......

That is in the Dazho Monastery opened light, wear in the hand, the mind settled ......

Well, let's move on to the beautiful Narathi~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Is it the beautiful Narathi there? Or is it the almond blossoms there that brew the sweetness you want?

A song "The Shepherd of the Cocoanut Sea" has made the beautiful Narathi known to everyone ~

Narathi-Xinyuan County.

Xinjiang Duku Highway ChronicleXinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

There are three attractions in Narathi scenic area, you can buy one ticket to play 2 days and choose 2 attractions.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Nalati-Air Grassland.

Eye catching green.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

This photo was taken on August 3, 2021, and the grass is already yellow in some places. So, you must plan your time to take the Dokku Highway tour across the border, the flowers have a flower season and the grass has a grass season, try to see the most beautiful time.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Green mountain greenery ~~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

August is no longer the Narathi grassland flower season, two days ago to see friends live, Narathi Turgen April wild apricot flowers is very beautiful ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Take a picture in the beautiful Narathi.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Ah, to a Xinjiang food recommendations, eat the best lamb chops seize pieces: lamb chops tender meat, soup fresh but not greasy, seize pieces to meet the taste buds of northerners like noodles, a bowl down, than everywhere a big sale of chicken soup for the soul nourishing much, hahaha ~ ~

45 yuan a bowl, coordinates, Narathi scenic commercial street.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Narathi Scenic Area - Panlong Valley.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

There are flowers, grass and trees, many of these small blue flowers, the grassland is not lonely ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Regarding the choice of attractions in Narathi, my personal opinion is that if you have limited time, you still prefer the Panlong Valley.

Pan Long, as the name implies, that must be the mountain road coiling up the mountain, the mountain road is very winding, the driver is bold, all the way down the mountain road speed, the roadside mountains and trees flashing past, the beauty of the overwhelming ......

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

After descending from the mountain, you can also wander in such a beautiful place on horseback, so, Narathi tourism, the first push Pan Long Valley ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Leaving Narathi and continuing along the Dokku Highway, I met 2 cycling sisters on the road and was so in awe.

Riding requires good physical strength, guts, and a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the road than driving.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Dokku Highway - Xinyuan Realm.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

View from afar.

To say goodbye to the new source ~

Next destination: Cholma.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Dokku Highway - Nilek border.

Very beautiful, will become more and more beautiful, sweet Nilek it ~ ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Green mountains and water, the paradise of the world.

Ili horse, the spirit of the grassland ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle


Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Monument to the martyrs of Cholma.

The Dokku Highway is a must-see.

Built to commemorate the 168 martyrs who died building the Dokku Highway, the mausoleum was closed during the epidemic, so at the entrance, pay your respects silently.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

After the Cholma, that is, the Tangbula Hundred Mile Gallery, well worth a visit.

Then, return to Cholma by the same route and continue the journey on the Doklam Highway.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Into the picture ~

There are times when I really don't know what it is to be here in the entry, or just standing at the door and looking.

The world is so big, and I often feel that I am like a timid and somewhat curious little person in a cartoon: seeing the freshness of the grass and trees in the morning, the crystals of the dew, complaining about the scorching heat of the sun at noon, feeling the misty silence in the twilight, and the resulting wisps of sadness, life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

After crossing the Dokku Highway, going over the Darshan, crossing the grasslands, and being winded all the way to the picturesque Hundred Mile Gallery, we stopped for a short rest, and felt the spontaneity and comfort of free travel in one go.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Stayed two nights in a tent at the CC Star Camp at Fairy Lake.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Fairy Lake ~~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Go to the Fairy Lake is best to go on horseback, walking a little far, want to see the Fairy Lake, the best lake when there are flowers to go ......

The main event was horseback riding, this handsome Kazakh guy, and I rode his family's horse.

Then, the explosion of information, the explosion of information ~ ~

This man on horseback, his screen name is ......:.

Hazy love. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs]


Hey, the real temperament and screen name atmosphere is a little contrasting is not ......

This is something that makes me laugh just thinking about it ......

The laughing point is very low is not [lick screen] [snicker] [cover face]

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Through the 100-mile gallery for a few days of rest and recuperation, back to Cholma to continue along the Dokku Highway, climbing the last darshan in ......

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Hashilgen Tunnel - Nilek border.

3390 meters above sea level, the highest unlit tunnel in China.

So far, the complete crossing of the Dokku highway 4 darshan 3 tunnels: Tili Buyti, Yushimolegai, Hashilegan.

Among them, Tieli buy the longest tunnel, up to 1897 meters, because it is a lightless tunnel, I walked inside, it happens to be only one of their own car: looking forward, only to see their own lights in the tunnel sidewall reflective belt reflections, from the rear-view mirror to look backward, the body after the black hole pitch black, that feeling, very unforgettable ......

"Buddha in the spiritual mountain do not seek far, the spiritual mountain only in your heart".

What is seeking the truth? The true scripture is the scripture of experience ......

Seems to make sense ha.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

It is said that crossing the Dokku Highway is different in ten miles, there are four seasons in a day, flowers and willows are green in front of the mountain, and after the mountain is snow-capped ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Dokku Highway, it is difficult to build and maintain the road, and the entrance to the snow-proof corridor.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Snow-proof corridor.

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Road Dance Tianshan. Usual realm.

The word "dance" speaks of the majestic and feminine aura of the Dokku Highway ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Snow-proof promenade to defuse avalanches.

Now a beautiful landscape, built with dangerous difficulties ......

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Guarding the Tianshan Road Monument - Usu Realm.

The road is the monument lying down, the monument is the road erected, to all involved in the construction of the Doku highway maintainers tribute ~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

It's almost time to get to the end and take another look.

Dokku Highway, I came over the mountains for you [sends heart] [adores] [laughs]~

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Monument of the starting point of Dokku Highway - Dushanzi realm.

It was also the end of my self-drive on the Dokku Highway.

What do you think after the complete experience of Dokku Highway?

Dokku highway through the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, the road dance Tianshan majestic heroic gas, winding colorful and feminine gas, road construction and maintenance of the spirit of love without words emotional gas, all this in the heart circling up, moving the lungs, and finally only generate a thought:.

Dokku Highway, a road that humbles people ~~

Behind the monument of the starting point of Dokku Highway is the recently established Dokku Museum. If you are there and must go in and have a look, then perhaps you will share my feelings.

If you can feel yourself becoming more tolerant, open-minded, awe-inspiring and humble, then perhaps this is one of the more meaningful meanings of "the world is so big, I want to see it".

Xinjiang Duku Highway Chronicle

Dokku highway driving trip, now is already 8 months ago, but re-examine the photos and videos taken at that time, the scene at that time and back to the heart, equal to retrace the road to come.

And deeply feel: in the matter of self-drive, memories are happy ~

Of course, also because of personal habits, Duku highway as a must-drive in Xinjiang, unforgettable road, for which put into ink and writing records, is the best memorial and account of their own.

Because, Doku Highway, has always been in my heart ......