Yang's "secret of 100 years old", or not related to medicine, exercise, 3 ways to help longevity

The great physicist, Chen Ning Yang, is exactly 100 years old this year!

Born in 1922, Yang was the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize for his early research in physics in the United States, and for his theory of "cosmic non-conservation". In 2003, he returned to China after a long stay in the United States, and continues to play a role in physics education and particle research in China. Both Chinese and American people can't help but respect the mention of Academician Yang Chen Ning.

And it is such a person, God has not failed him, in this year, Yang spent his 100th birthday in Hong Kong, in the birthday banquet, looking back on his life, Yang academicians also have a lot of feelings to share with the guests. The most curious thing is how Yang, who has been busy with academics and running around the world all his life, has been able to live such a long life?

Yang's "secret of 100 years old", or not related to medicine, exercise, 3 ways to help longevity

These characteristics of the long-lived elderly, Yang Zhenning academicians are in line

First, Yang has the "longevity gene"

When it comes to the innate characteristics that have the greatest impact on longevity, it is undoubtedly genetics. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, the propensity to live longer in genes accounts for about 60% of longevity factors.

Professor Yang also mentioned in an interview that his longevity was perhaps due to good luck, which, in his words, was "the capital given to him by his mother". In other words, it is with the excellent family genes and the foundation of longevity that Mr. Yang was able to go further and further on the road of longevity.

Secondly, Mr. Yang's voice is as loud as a bell and full of spirit

Chinese medicine believes that a person's health is to see his "essence and spirit", and the embodiment of the essence and spirit, undoubtedly from the voice, spirit, facial color and other aspects of performance. In 2021, when Mr. Yang Chen Ning and his wife Weng Fan appeared at the opening ceremony of the World Genius Direct, he spoke on stage with a voice like a bell, and his vitality and spirit were very full, revealing his longevity and potential.

Finally, Mr. Yang has the "pursuit" of longevity

As the old saying goes, "The only way to achieve something is to have something in mind". Only by wishing for a long life and working hard for it can we achieve our goal. Yang once agreed with his wife that he would at least live to the age of 108 "tea age" to be satisfied, which shows Yang's determination to live a long life.

This shows that genes, essence, and the pursuit of longevity are the main characteristics of Yang as a centenarian. Older friends may want to check themselves, if they match Yang Lao, they may have the same potential for longevity, but some people believe that the reason for Yang Lao's longevity is related to expensive drugs and exercise patterns, is this true?

Yang's "secret of 100 years old", or not related to medicine, exercise, 3 ways to help longevity

Is it really because of the medicine and exercise that Yang became a "centenarian"?

Many people feel that Yang, as a leading physicist and well recognized by the high-end technology crowd in China and the United States, must also be at the top of his game when it comes to medication, and it is the expensive drugs that give Yang the capital to live a long life.

In fact, this is not the case, in a straightforward meeting, Yang Lao once said, "The country is good for food and medicine, I am always opposed to it, small illnesses are more likely to damage health instead of big treatment."

That is to say, Yang Lao not only did not eat expensive drugs, but opposed to frequent medication when you get a cold, cold and other diseases, "small diseases are not desirable."

In addition, Yang is not a fan of sports, according to his recollection, he did the most exercise, is to walk hand in hand with his wife, walking is not only in line with the exercise tolerance of the elderly, but also helps to detoxify the emotions, maintain a good mood, so that they become longer life.

In summary, medicine and exercise, is not the main reason why Yang Zhenning can become a "centenarian", on the contrary, Yang Lao is opposed to too frequent medication, which also reminds all the elderly, take medicine must be eaten at the critical time, do not blindly take drugs indiscriminately, but on the liver and kidney health burden.

Yang's "secret of 100 years old", or not related to medicine, exercise, 3 ways to help longevity

So what is Yang's "secret of 100 years old"? These 3 methods can not be ignored

Method one: more brain, brain longevity is really long life

Alzheimer's disease, or dementia, is one of the most common geriatric diseases and claims the lives of countless elderly people each year. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease is also a means to help the elderly live longer.

And using more of the brain to improve blood circulation to the brain and promote nerve sensitivity is undoubtedly the best way to help the elderly live longer. Even at the age of 100, Yang is still committed to the advancement of physical education and research participation. With an active brain and low risk of mental illness, the probability of living a long life is naturally higher, and the elderly should follow suit and read more books and newspapers to activate their minds, or live a healthier and longer life.

Method 2: Maintain family harmony and find "happiness" in the family

In addition to his status as the "first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize", Yang is also known in China for his amazing act of marrying Weng Fan, who was in her twenties, at the age of over 80. But Yang believes that as long as both parties recognize each other, they can maintain family harmony is the most important thing. The truth is, as Yang said, the two families are still very much in love to this day.

And this is also the main way Yang Lao can live a long life, family harmony, can breed more happiness, the elderly feel happy, body cell activity increased, immunity enhanced, natural is also the embodiment of longevity.

Yang's "secret of 100 years old", or not related to medicine, exercise, 3 ways to help longevity

Method 3: Never "show off", the discovery of disease and timely treatment

Many elderly people have the idea of "bravado", that is, they find that their body may have diseases, but will comfort themselves to paralyze themselves, not to check and treatment, and often end up delaying the disease, and even affect the life expectancy.

But Yang did not know how to do it. In 1997, Yang was determined to have heart bypass surgery in the United States. Knowing that in those days, few patients were able to undergo heart bypass surgery, it was Yang Lao's determination and decisiveness to treat the disease that reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and thus laid the foundation for his long life.

These 3 methods, whether it is to use more brain, maintain family harmony, or timely treatment of diseases. The single carry out are more than ordinary things, but really can all do the elderly or relatively few. I hope that older people can also check themselves against the methods of Mr. Chen Ning Yang. Everyone wants to live a long life, but health care should also be done in a way and scientific, I hope you can keep in mind.


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