You Have Numb Hands At Night?This Is Very Serious!

Many people, especially representatives of older age groups, familiar tingling sensation, formication "crawling", embarrassment, numbness in the hands, especially at night. However, the symptom may occur at any age.

The main and the most common reason for numb hands at night, is a cervical osteochondrosis or calcification in the cervical spine. This disease occurs in 70% of the population aged over 50 years, but the process begins after the 30-year milestone. Now you can meet increasingly osteochondrosis and adolescents.

Among other causes unpleasant sensations in the hands of secrete heart disease and circulatory system, atherosclerosis, vascular aterotromboz, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis small joints, inflammation in the nerves, lack of vitamins of Group b.

In the absence of any pathology numbness in hands can occur when incorrectly selected the cushion or nefiziologichnom position of the body and, above all, the hands during sleep. Many have a habit of sleeping with zaprokinutymi up or podlozhennymi under the head in his hands, making it difficult for circulation in upper extremities.

How your hands get numb at night

Unpleasant sensations can be very diverse in their localization. It is very rare to find numbness of the whole hand. More often any of its parts become numb, which completely depends on the cause of the disease:

1. Cervical osteochondrosis, spondylosis, hernia or protrusion of the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine, especially when the pathological process is localized in the lower cervical segments (C5-C7). It is from this part of the spinal cord that the nerves coming to the hands come out. In this case, depending on the affected nerve root, numbness can be localized:

  • on the inner surface of the arm, from shoulder to tip 5 and half 4 fingers (C7);
  • on the back side of the arm and forearm, back surface of 2 and 3 fingers (C6);
  • on the side of the arm until the thumb and forefinger (C5)

With the common pathological process of the lower neck, the location of numbness can be different. Headache with cervical osteochondrosis is also not uncommon.

2. Carpal tunnel syndrome-compression of the nerves going to the brush, in a narrow channel formed by the bones of the wrist. Occurs when prolonged activities associated with the same brush load of type sgibatelno-extensor movements (work at the computer, playing musical instruments, Assembly parts, conveyor). There is numbness of the entire brush or parts thereof is strictly below the wrist, sometimes there is numbness of fingers. Subcortical structures and divisions in the pathological process of hands not involved.

3. Arthritis small joints of the brush. Here is characterized by manifestations only fingers.

4. Pathology of the shoulder or elbow symptoms will occur in the underlying divisions of the upper extremity.

5. Diabetes mellitus and other metabolic diseases (diseases of liver, kidneys, endocrine Pathology). Here it is possible to attribute(relate) and the abuse of alcohol and nicotine, as a mechanism for the development of pathology is very similar. Numbness in a "bottom-up" character, starts with more remote divisions and gradually over time, "climbs" up. This happens as the involvement of larger vessels. Usually affects the two hands, the sensations are symmetrical.

6. In hypertensive disease muteness hands at night only appears when the elevated level of blood pressure.

7. Of particular importance is the numbing hands when heart disease. Here you should pay attention to exactly which arm goes numb. If you experience discomfort in his right hand, with greater percentage probabilities can be "written off" on cervical osteochondrosis. And here's the numbness of the left hand can be a sign of serious heart problems such as angina or heart attack. If numbness left hand suddenly emerged, especially at night, and does not pass within hours, a call to the doctor is necessary.

What to do if in a dream, numb hands

1. To try to eliminate all possible factors:

  • To replace a pillow;
  • To choose more convenient pose for a dream, often changing position, to not allow vessels to be pressed;
  • To exclude the use of alcohol and nicotine, especially for the night;
  • To not be engaged before a dream in the work connected with a load on hands.

2. Exercises at occurrence онемения hands at night:

  • Not rising from a bed to lay down on a back and to extend hands upwards, to bend and unbend fingers of 50 times, then to put hands along a body and to repeat exercise;
  • Rotary motions in wrists;
  • To rise and close hands behind a back in the lock, to try to lift them as it is possible above;
  • In easy cases simply enough to stir up hands.

3. Relax the strained neck muscles with a light self-massage before going to bed and throughout the day.

It is enough to simply rub your neck while you Palms use anti-inflammatory ointments (nayz, fastum gel).

4. At absence of contra-indications and depending on the reason physiotherapeutic procedures can be used:

  • Magnetotherapy on a neck;
  • phonophoresis, darsonvalization hands;
  • Paraffin on a brush of hands, forearms;
  • electrophoresis with лидазой on area of the carpal channel.

5. National means:

  • Honey compress: to smear honey on growing dumb sites of hands with a thin layer, to wrap up and leave on overnight, a rate of 7-10 procedures;
  • Labrador tea marsh: 5 ст.л. The crushed raw material to fill in 1 glass of apple vinegar, to insist within a week and to use for grindings growing dumb sites;
  • The glass of hot water every morning on an empty stomach will help to strengthen walls of vessels.