You've been frying eggs wrong your whole life

You've been frying eggs wrong your whole life

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the star of many breakfasts is a fried egg — runny in the middle, set around the edges, and buttery in flavor. But no matter how many breakfasts you've enjoyed, it turns out you may have been frying eggs wrong your whole life.

If your usual method involves adding butter or oil to a pan, cracking in the eggs, and cooking them to your preference — sunny side up, over easy, soft on the edges, or totally crispy — you're part of the way to perfection, but there's a secret ingredient to use in your eggs that can turn them from a ho-hum breakfast staple to something worth waking up early for.

The best way to fry eggs

You've been frying eggs wrong your whole life

It may sound strange, but when frying your eggs, you should ditch the butter and oil. Instead, try frying them in heavy cream (via Food52).

It may sound strange at first, but heavy cream has a lot to offer. It's rich in butterfat, and as food blogger H. Alexander Talbot says, "Cream is sort of like liquid butter." As you cook the cream it breaks down into buttermilk and butterfat, both of which help churn out perfect eggs (via Ideas in Food).

The buttermilk gently simmers around the eggs, steaming them and cooking them gently. The remaining butterfat begins to sizzle and caramelize, resulting in a flavor that tastes similar to browned butter.

You only need a little bit of cream in order to fry your eggs. Add a splash, and add a little more if the pan dries out before the eggs are done. You'll also need to pour the extra cream off if there's too much left over when the eggs are cooked to your liking.

Serve them over toast and you may even find that your bread no longer needs any extra butter.

You can even try this method for sauteeing veggies and meats, imbuing them with a tender texture and a caramelized exterior that's to die for.