You Won't Believe What You Can Do With... Wow.

Sometimes when you are designing a new space in your home or looking for ideas, you want your space to be unique. Finding ways and tricks to make a space unique is by far the most difficult part of the project. Lucky for us, some people are creative and can create incredible and amazing spaces in their homes, and they love to share them online! Instructables user, Baldr, used fiber optics to build himself an awesome star bathroom floor that looks like a starry night sky. Just wait until you see this awesome DIY star bathroom floor.

The dreamy floor is a great way to light up the night for those pesky midnight trips to the toilet.

Each light is the end of a fiber optic cable.

Per his instructions, Baldr recommends using the light source from the bathroom.

Although it might seem overwhelming at first, it is all a matter of taking your time and figuring out where you want the stars in the floor.

Once the floor is done and sealed, you have an incredible star bathroom floor.

With fiber optics you can light up almost anything.

Like a beautiful table with no view of the optics.

Or a beautiful glowing staircase.

The possibilities with fiber optics are endless. Baldr has created step by step instructions to create the star bathroom on Instructables. This just makes it that much easier for you to create your own dream bathroom.

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