No need to separate the eggs, add milk and pour them into the rice cooker, they are better than oven baked, fluffy and delicious

Is your home not ready for an oven? Do you want to use the rice cooker to make cakes, but every time you can not do it successfully?  Today I share with you a rice cooker cake practice, no tedious steps, even a lazy person like me can learn, fluffy and sweet, like to eat cake but do not know how to do friends hurry to try it!  Ingredients: a bag of cake flour, eggs, oil, milk.

The old generation loves white meat stew, seasoned with salt only, original and fresh, rotten and not greasy

When it comes to stewed pancetta, many people will first think of braised pork, it does use the practice of stewing, but it tastes thick and heavy with oil. When I was a child in the countryside, eating meat is relatively small, every time I bought pancetta, my mother always used the stewing method, although the color looks white, the taste is bland, but it tastes surprisingly good, especially fresh, it is the original taste of pancetta.