OneXPlayer mini Gundam co-branded limited edition handheld experience: 3A masterpieces can also be played

The gaming industry has grown very rapidly in recent years, with numerous types of games emerging and gaming devices becoming more and more diverse, but overall, the more popular are still handheld games and PC games. Each type of gaming device has its own advantages, such as the Nintendo Switch, the advantage is portable, play games with a strong sense of operation, but the game needs to be bought separately, and the price is very expensive.

Shaanxi "Xifeng wine", why do few locals drink it? The 5 small famous liquor instead

Shaanxi is not only the origin of the earth, it is also the famous ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, but also a variety of food gathered in the city, like what mutton bun, cold skin meat sandwich bun, oil splash rip noodles, etc., are a bunch of foodies can not forget the good! Since Shaanxi has so much food and wine, the wine must not be missing. And the most well-known wine is one of the four famous wine "Xi Feng wine".

How do you control the temperature of the oil to fry something? The head chef teaches you years of cooking techniques to fry everything crispy

The head chef teaches you years of cooking skills, fried anything is delicious. With the change in living conditions, the dishes made at home are becoming more and more sumptuous, especially with the constant introduction of new cuisines by the media on various platforms, which also allows housewives to show off their skills in the kitchen.

The B520 motorhome for travel and mobility! It's a great car for young couples.

We all know that many B-type RVs, generally with a 4-seat layout inside, are particularly suitable for 1 person or a couple to travel with. But there are also some RVs, in multi-purpose considerations, will adopt a 5-seat layout, such as the Yutong B520 business travel RV, which adopts a 5-seat interior layout, which can meet the needs of couples for long-term travel, as well as the needs of taking family members on short trips during holidays, and is also equipped with a business-like appearance and interior, which can also meet the requirements of daily commuting.

The ceiling of camera phones, these 3 phones, equipped with large bottom sensors, can replace DSLR cameras

When we buy a new phone, in addition to looking at the overall performance of the phone, many people also need to use the phone to take pictures, it is time to look at the phone's photo performance, although it is now stronger and stronger domestic cell phone photo performance, some phones are even equipped with hundreds of millions of pixels lens, but there is still a big difference when taking pictures.