iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus are you still using?

6s, 6s Plus listing time is September 10, 2015, so far, has been more than 2500 days; known as a generation of god machine 6S \ 6SP, even if it is now 2022, has been 7 years, there are still a lot of nail households, I currently use the 6SP appears as follows, I believe that the same models you also appear these problems.

What are the precursors of cerebrovascular blockage? What should we do to prevent it? Doctors give you three tips

When the blood vessels in the brain are blocked, the blood flow cannot pass through the vessels properly, at which time the brain tissue becomes ischemic and necrotic, causing the symptoms of cerebral infarction. The blood vessels in the brain include the anterior cerebral artery, middle cerebral artery and posterior cerebral artery, etc. The blockage of blood vessels often leads to different symptoms.