The old winemaker himself reveals the 3 big lies in the world of liquor, to understand all this, the future to buy wine will not be fooled

Today, liquor has become an essential and important beverage in our daily life. Not only because it is the emotional sticky agent at the drinking table, but also an important medium in socializing. According to incomplete statistics, the annual consumption of liquor in China today has exceeded 60 billion liters, which makes China a proper liquor power. And with the improvement of everyone's standard of living, the demand for wine is more and more.

Electric cars take 5 minutes to fully charge! NASA unveils its latest cooling system, how far away are we?

But to this day, there are still many people who can't accept that the charging speed is too slow, which is not conducive to the efficiency of the passage for people who use the car frequently. Recently, NASA announced a message that a new NASA-funded technology for future space missions could be fully charged for electric cars in just five minutes on Earth, paving the way for increasing the popularity of such vehicles.

Warming is a hoax? The Southern Ocean is sucking up carbon like crazy, absorbing about 530 million tons more per year than it releases

A paper published by NASA in the journal Science says:From 2009-2018, experts used aviation technology to monitor the amount of carbon contained in the atmosphere three times, and the analysis found that the net annual carbon flux in the Southern Ocean south of 45°S skyrocketed, with lower levels of carbon dioxide over the region's lower layers in the summer than in the other three seasons, and even less carbon released in the winter.

What is the price of a cruise from Sanya to Xisha Islands? Which cruises can I take?

The following gives you a detailed introduction to the details of the two cruise ships: the South China Sea Dream cruise ship: the total tonnage is 24,572 tons, the number of deck layers in the passenger area is 10, the number of people fully loaded is 893, in fact, each voyage to receive no more than 440 tourists, because the number of tourists received at one time in Xisha has a strict limit.

What happens to the bodies of those who often "pair dinner with white wine"? Learn early and benefit early

Sichuan Liu Lao Han, 60 years old, his parents left early, grew up as a child on village support, did not go to school for a few days, after growing up, with people working on construction sites, living in a fixed place, the money did not save a few, the daughter-in-law did not marry, although the market lamented the injustice of fate, but there is nothing to do, drinking has become his only way to vent.